Vallarta Real Estate: Where Is Litibu?

11 August, 2019
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At exactly the same latitude as the Hawaiian Islands, the curious traveler will find the settlement of Litibú, north of Puerto Vallarta. After having lived in Puerto Vallarta for several years, we’d never heard of Litibú until one day in 2003, a realtor friend gushed about the beauty and tranquility of this small and ever expanding community. Nestled on the peninsula between Sayulita and Punta de Mita, Litibú is at the southern end of the recently recognized Riviera Nayarit, which covers 160 KM (100 miles) from Punta de Mita to San Blas. With easy access from the airport in Puerto Vallarta, Litibú is a very attractive destination. Star sightings are not unusual in the area, since celebrities have discovered the privacy of Litibú, so it’s quite possible that you could find yourself having breakfast next to the likes of Sandra Bullock or Kim Kardashian, most likely without an entourage but maybe with children in tow.

Litibú is simply the name of the bay, the meaning of which comes from the local Huichol Indians song of the birds. Needless to say, the area is wonderful for birdwatchers with over 300 species found along this portion of coastline. You’ll see everything from huge frigates and brown pelicans to tiny hummingbirds. There are common crows, gulls and vultures, as well as the grackle, known for amazing mimicry.

When we originally ventured from Puerto Vallarta to Litibú, over a decade ago, much of the development was hidden from view. Now there are sweeping estates and charming bungalows, combined with local humble homes, some that have been there for many years. The territory is truly a photographer’s dream with flora, fauna and sweeping views. Don’t forget the tripod.


With access to Punta de Mita to the south and Sayulita to the north, you can drive up a well maintained road for surfing lessons, taco stands, fine dining, beach cafés, live music, and all the wonderful culture that Mexico has to offer. We never fail to drop into the Litibú Grill, the pride of Litibú. The food is excellent and the view is one of the best outside of Puerto Vallarta. A little beachcombing and lunch will tie up a perfect trip for day-trippers.

Whether you’re looking to star gaze or bird watch, give yourself a complete day or just wander north of Puerto Vallarta for an afternoon trek, go see Litibú. Signage makes it easy from either Sayulita or Punt de Mita.

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