Benefits of Being a Member of AMPI


• Having a large labor and productive network, which allows higher income by conducting safe and transparent businesses.
• Have federal and international certifications.
• Being a multidisciplinary organization made up of different entities related to real estate activity, which allows us to offer all these services to the client through the same person.
• Comply with current regulations in each state.



• Provide an official document with recognition of the SEP.
• Official recognition at the federal level.
• With more training, more and better opportunities for professional development are generated.
• Job improvement and recognition of the skills obtained.
• Improves individual and business competitiveness.
• Gives security to the client who represents the real estate advisor.



It promotes relationships between its members with:
• Breakfasts
• Foods
• Technical events with top-level speakers from the public and private sector
• Social celebrations
• Discussion panels, among others.


Trade union events (face-to-face and virtual)

• Forums
• Training
• Technical events
• Regional boards
• Trade shows
• Tourist Summit
• Symposium of Historic Centers
• National Congress
• National Assembly


CRM Lordea

• To have technological tools (CRM Lordea) that allow to streamline the tasks of the real estate advisor for better customer service.
• Portal to display properties with LORDEA.
• Interfaces to export and import properties to other real estate platforms.
• Right of publication and information security.
• Interaction through mobile devices.
• Notices for signing the agreement, duration and compensation.
• Administration tool for brokerages.


AMPI Real Estate Women’s Committee

• Comprehensive training for the development of women (training courses, human, legal, family, psychological, social development, among others).
• Link projects with public and private institutions.
• Advice and social support on real estate issues, organizing proposals for activities that generate social benefits.
• Organization of the AMPI Real Estate Women’s Forum.
• Create spaces to share professional experiences, resilience, life stories that inspire and motivate other members.


Business opportunities

Peace of mind of having business with Real Estate Professionals that are governed by Statutes and Code of Ethics.
National Directory of Associate AMPI to be located and do business.
Preferential rates in: Congress, forums, symposia and real estate events.



Being an AMPI member offers the opportunity to actively participate with voice and vote in the most important matters in the real estate sector, that is, to be representative.
The recognition of the authorities allows participation in the decision-making that derives from the opinion that AMPI generates before the corresponding authority.

CCIE Training, Research and Statistics Center
• It has a wide menu of courses (face-to-face and online).
• Training at affordable costs for associates and affiliates.
• Courses with curricular value.
• The experience of the members of the association is valued and shared.
• Offers international training and certifications: CIPS, TRC, DBUSA, DBMEXICO, ABR.

With virtual courses you can:
• Avoid making meetings challenging.
• Provide feedback with real estate agents from different places.
• Train several people by projecting in a boardroom.



AMPI Nacional is an ECE021-10 Certification and Evaluation Entity accredited by CONOCER and SEP. The Competency Standards in which it performs evaluation processes are:
• EC0710 Specialized Promotion for INFONAVIT Credit Products.
• EC0110 Advice on Real Estate Marketing.
• EC0112 Administration of Properties in Condominiums.
• EC0277 Advice on Real Estate Marketing in Tourist Areas.
• EC0471 Administration of properties in Mini Warehouses for Self-Storage.