Membership Requirements

Minimum Education Requirements for levels of AMPI membership Vallarta • Riviera Nayarit, Compostela

In agreement and collaboration with the three area chapters of AMPI Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit and Compostela, with the objective of harmonizing education across the chapters and elevating the professional standards, the following updated guidelines have been underwritten by the Education Committee 2020 formed by the following members:

  • Bill Hevener (Puerto Vallarta)
  • Araceli Rios (Riviera Nayarit)
  • Johnny Priego (Riviera Nayarit)
  • Alfonso Davalos (Puerto Vallarta)
  • Rafael Valdez Becerra (Puerto Vallarta)
  • Victoria Pratt (Puerto Vallarta)


This has been APPROVED by each of the three chapter boards and shall take effect immediately. Any new applicant must meet the minimum requirements to obtain their credential. All existing members must meet the minimum ongoing education requirements.



The following outlines the minimum education requirements for each level of membership to receive its AMPI credential and its FLEX MLS authorization and access.  This is based on the requirements as set forth in the AMPI National Statutes in force. Article extracts are referred to below.

It does not preclude other membership requirements set forth by national or local boards that may pertain to each level, such as minimum annual meeting requirements, annual ongoing education, Spanish proficiency test, business license, police record, etc.

The institutional course requirements set forth herein are by agreement of the three chapters of AMPI Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit and Compostela and are based on the philosophy that said minimum material should be specific to the tourism zone and will be either recognized by the Secretaria de Educacion Publica (SEP) or meet Federal Standards of Competence (Estándares de Competencia) = “EC”.

The total actual credits that might be earned from the obligatory courses may well exceed the mentioned “minimum” hours of the statutes but they include both institutional and non-institutional training (being that it is also designed to meet the technical proficiency required for use of FLEX) and is meant to foster the best level of professionalism and responsibility.

Ongoing education for all categories should be: in AMPI locally-endorsed/organized courses, workshops, and seminars that shall be identified to offer valid credits (providing Constancias and/or certification) via the entities of AMPI local chapters, AMPI National (CCIE-Centro de Capacitación, Investigación y Estadística) or National Association of Realtor courses.

Flex courses will count toward education credits.

AMPI meetings that have an educational component/seminars will offer credits.


Background and Rationale for the educational minimums

The guidelines incorporate a variance on the statutory requirement of 96 hours for Affiliates to allow them to phase in their education over one year, with an initial 60 hours of Secretaría de Educación Pública accreditation (SEP) or Estandar de Competencia (EC/Conocer certification) courses to be completed in order to initially obtain their credential (this has largely been practiced between the chapters and is fulfilled with the Real Estate I course).

Then, a strictly enforced requirement to complete the additional minimum 36 hours by or before the end of their first year of membership. There are specific course requirements for this (see guidelines).

Associates, on the other hand, are expected to have all 96 hours of specific course material to obtain their credential as an Associate, which must include specific minimum courses per the attached guidelines.


Real Estate I and II were developed for our area due to the lack of an appropriate EC course dedicated to the tourism zone. It was eventually approved by the Secretaría de Educación Pública (SEP) but has never become classified as an “Estandar de Competencia” (EC/Concocer certification).

As we go forward, it is expected that, not only EC certification will be mandatory but also licensing in Jalisco and/or Nayarit (as has happened in Baja California and other tourist centers).

Therefore, it is considered that the most appropriate certification to pursue would be the EC0277 (Asesoría en Comercializacion de Bienes Inmuebles en Zonas Turísticas / Real Estate Marketing Consulting in Tourist Zones).  We now have the benefit of LOCAL instruction AND evaluation for the certification as well as it being soon to be available online via CCIE.

Therefore, adapting a curriculum that will put all agents and brokers in the best position for the eventuality of increased credentials and licensing, has been incorporated.

As EC0277 Estandar de Competencia begins to be taught here, it will become the education goal to achieve and Real Estate II will become less frequently offered.

Regarding the Conocer certification that many members of the Vallarta-Riviera Nayarit-Compostela chapters have obtained over the years, known as EC0110.01 (Asesoría en Comercializacion de Bienes Raices / Real Estate Marketing Consulting), it is still considered that agents who have obtained that in the past along with the complement of Real Estate II would comply for the minimum standards that are set forth in these updated guidelines. In other words, EC0277 would not be insisted upon, but most agents will want to pursue it.

Real Estate I will remain the base course suited for any beginning agent. Should an agent wish to pursue EC0277 from the beginning, they may do so, however, the committee considers that new agents would require more time and experience before pursuing it and that the Real Estate I provides the needed institutional training in the most practical, adequate, and valuable form.  Agents will then be able to enhance and elevate their education over time to then pursue the EC0277 and get certified.

Regarding the identified Ethics I class, it is considered that this course should be modified (in the future) to include “Practical Application of Ethics” (currently described in this document as Ethics II) and this would blend the two courses in a valuable and time-efficient way.  They are managed separately for now.


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