Local News

How is your Spanish?

We are in Mexico so the best news sources for local news will be in Spanish. Here is a list of local newspapers* you can rely on when you want to keep up on what is going on in the Bay.

*For those foreign to Mexico, please be warned that Mexican News is very visually graphic. The photos can show everything about the event.


NoticiasPV: Online ‘newspaper’ for Puerto Vallarta in Spanish.

El Faro: A Spanish language weekly Puerto Vallarta newspaper. El Faro is part of La Explosiva 590, a local radio station.

Meridiano Nayarit: The online digital version of this major newspaper chain’s Vallarta edition.

NotiVallarta: Puerto Vallarta Newspaper in Spanish.

SiempreLibres.com: A smaller local online newspaper in Spanish.


For English Speakers

Bay Vallarta: A good local online magazine.

Banderas News: News from the Bay.

GayPV: A gay online magazine.

PVAngels: raising support for local PV charities.

PV Mirror City Paper, a great weekly magazine.

Vallarta Tribune: News and events of Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit.

PVDN: Puerto Vallarta Naily News.

Paco Ojeda: He translates local papers into English. If you want to understand the local color and activities, it can be very helpful.