Retiring to the Bay

Why retire in the tropics? Why choose the Bay of Banderas as your destination?

Here are some valuable reasons to help you make the move.

Family enjoying the beach in Puerto Vallarta

Happy families!

If you own a property in Puerto Vallarta or Riviera Nayarit, you will find that you will automatically become extremely popular with your family. Kids, grandkids, and all family members will take more of an interest in your life!

Who doesn’t want to visit one of Mexico’s most charming beach towns that offer activities and lifestyle to suit any age and taste. Domestic assistance is very affordable in Mexico. Having a maid, cook, and or driver is common and such a treat to have a friendly person taking care of you and your loved one’s needs.

Health Benefits

Puerto Vallarta has become one of the most popular Medical destinations in all Latin America. People come from all over the world to enjoy conventional medicine, holistic alternatives, hospice and palliative in-home care, wonderful dentistry, and cosmetic surgery. Pricing is so affordable that many snow birders flock to Vallarta and can stay a couple of months just on what they are saving on particular health procedures. Living on the ocean and its salty air can lift your spirits and can benefit you physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Did you know that the sea air is charged with ions that actually speed up the body’s ability to absorb oxygen? We also enjoy natural doses of Vitamin D on a daily basis. In-home nursing is available and more affordable than across the border. Mexican´s are loving caregivers who will go over and beyond making sure your needs are taken care of.

Health in Puerto Vallarta
Yoga in Puerto Vallarta

Affordable Exercise

Say goodbye to expensive spa and gym memberships. Living in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit allows you to exercise whenever, however. Walking the Malecon or taking a ride in your wheelchair offers wonderful people watching and views, paddle surfing works the core, ocean swimming offers great resistance, kayaking is great for the arms, beachcombing is great for the tummy. Did you know that a relaxing swim can burn up to 200 calories?

Bring your Furry Family Member

Seeing a dog or cat in Puerto Vallarta’s airport is just as common as seeing kids. Many ex-pats travel back and forth with their beloved animals where our bay offers such diverse happiness for our furry friends. Beach, Jungle, Rivers, oh my!

In Mexico, there are very few strict on-leash policies and Mexico is home to hundreds and thousands of furry part and full-time residents who enjoy the sun, sand, and sea! Puerto Vallarta has wonderful vets. Many to choose from. We also have vet specialists that strictly work with orthopedics, ocular specialists, dentistry among others. We have pet hotels and many great pet sitting options.

We also have an animal crematorium that will put your animal’s final rest at Huella de Paz where caring vets will walk you through the process and you can customize a beautiful urn so that your fur baby can go running on the Rainbow Ridge.

Dog at the beach
Fishing in Bahia de Banderas

Fishing and Boating

If you love to surf, there are many beaches where you can throw your lure into gorgeous waters and you never know what you might catch to take home to fry up.

If you wish for freshwater fishing Cajon de Peñas is only 2.5 hours away and you can catch a delicious Lobina and enjoy Langostinos (crawfish). You can bring your boat or purchase your watercraft in Mexico or you can rent at your own leisure. We have Marinas of all styles to offer moorage to sail and powerboats of all sizes.

Chartering boats is a favorite activity for snow birders as they can choose how many hours and where to go, have a cheerful deck mate take care of them all day and then leave the clean up to someone else.


Now, don’t think coming to Bahía de Banderas is all about hammocks with a margarita in hand every day. Many retirees so enjoy giving back to the community and you can most certainly find a charity to identify with whether it be, children at the orphanages, animals in shelters, elderly in government old age homes, abused mothers, city garden club, there is an association where you will find that you are needed and most definitely make many new friends who you will have something in common with because you care about the same situation.

Retiring in the Bay

As voted one of the friendliest destinations on the planet, Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit welcome retirees and we are sure you will not have any regrets. For more information please visit: and

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