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25 January, 2020

Safety in Mexico

The subject of safety in Mexico comes up often. A media machine in the US is not short on news these days but when shootings happen anywhere, it does garner attention.  Puerto Vallarta is a long way from Cancun, comparable to the distance between Los Angeles and New York, or Vancouver BC and Toronto.  Not to say that Cancun is a violent place; it’s just been in the news a lot the past few days. Reports have been very general and never get into the specifics. A woman was killed and the details are grisly, but this was no schoolmarm. It’s hard for some people to embrace the fact that a woman might be the target of violence when it comes to cartel activity. However, a female leader controls drugs sales in Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Doña Lety, as she is known, was a police officer and with her son, is wanted on multiple drug trafficking charges. These people tend to go after one another and civilians are rarely at any risk.

Our advice is to stay away from areas that are known to be shady and probably dangerous. Where are these places in Puerto Vallarta? There are none. Puerto Vallarta is safe downtown; in the marina; Mismaloya and in the jungle above; Yelapa, Las Animas, Quimixto, reachable only by boat; the back roads that lead to spas, all-you-can-eat shrimp restaurants and golf courses; the beach; dance clubs; cruise ship terminal…we can’t think of anywhere in Puerto Vallarta we would be afraid to venture.

We have always recommended using common sense when traveling in and around Puerto Vallarta and that goes for any city, anywhere across the globe. There are always pockets of unrest that can be sought out if dangerously is really how one wants to spend their vacation. When going to Chicago, we limit our activities to such things as the Art Institute, Millennium Park, the Russian Tea Room, a show at the Chicago Theater and other delightful pastimes. We manage to avoid visiting Riverdale, Fuller or Washington Park areas, where scientific data has determined tourists should steer clear of. Same for Mexico; there are places we would shun, such as Tepito in Mexico City, where thieves will gladly relieve you of your wallet in such a quick manner, you might not know it’s gone until you reach into your pocket to make a purchase.

It’s not rocket science. It’s easy to stay safe when traveling. Don’t try to buy drugs. Our best advice.

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Mexico is moving in the right direction, working to raise the real estate standards to protect buyer and seller interests. AMPI (our National Real Estate Association) plays a key role in the real estate industry in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, working closely with local, state and national governments. Our local AMPI Association is leading the country in developing and implementing real estate standards.  To become members of our local AMPI Association Real Estate professionals sign our Bylaws that require our members to follow our Ethical Code of Conduct;  to use our contract forms which have been legally vetted to protect buyers and sellers; to participate in and comply with our MLS Rules and Regulation along with using the shared database. Our Bylaws, Code of Ethics, MLS Systems, Contracts and our other systems are constantly improved on through the expertise and experience of our members.  Find a Committed AMPI Professional Here

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