Vallarta Real Estate: Learn to relax. Be patient.

13 October, 2019

So You Want To Be an Expat

We are often asked for our advice from people who want to move to Puerto Vallarta. They have myriad questions and are terrified of doing the wrong thing. Frankly, there is no wrong thing. Unless you break the law or do serious damage to someone’s reputation, including but not limited to your own. Reparations can almost always be made. Here are a few things about making it easier, at least for the mind, if not the soul.

You are planning to move to a Latin country. Learn to relax. Be patient. Forget about wanting and getting everything right now. Sometimes you’ll be lucky and that will occur but don’t ever, ever expect it to turn out that way. If you train yourself to slow down, you will live longer and be much happier. You will also live like an expat, a person who has chosen to take on the culture and habits of another country. In Puerto Vallarta, we are not in a hurry.

Be nice. One thing we love about Puerto Vallarta is we never walk down the street without being greeted, regardless of the time of day. When we walk the pup, everyone is friendly; one of the first things we added to our daily repertoire. The idea of saying hello and good-day to strangers is not just appealing, it makes one feel good! Smile. You can change a person’s entire day just by smiling; the bank teller, grocery clerk, water delivery man, taxi driver… they will appreciate it. Smiling doesn’t only make you look better; it also changes your attitude.

Prepare all your documents so they won’t need renewing for a long time; your driver’s license and passport, for example. Switch your credit cards to online so you can pay bills online. Alert your bank and other institutions of your move. We have Amazon in Mexico now and you will be able to order locally. Change your delivery address with them and make sure you have address changes updated prior to your move.

Don’t bring everything you own. Whether you are moving to Puerto Vallarta and pulling a trailer or driving down in your Mini Cooper, bring only what you absolutely think you can’t live without. If you have to store the rest of your belongings and bring them at a later time, you will know at some point you have made the correct decision.

In the process of doing your diligent research before making the big move to Puerto Vallarta, don’t believe everything you read or hear. Be prepared to make a lot of your own choices.

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[idx_slideshow link=”154yjhww9ekc” horizontal=”3″ vertical=”2″ source=”location” display=”all” sort=”recently_changed” destination=”local” send_to=”photo” _=”1481052897837″]

AMPI is the national association of real estate professionals that have, since 1956, gathered under laws and codes of ethics and conduct to create a reliable, trustworthy and efficient real estate environment in Mexico.

AMPI consists of separate autonomous sections all throughout the nation, as well as more than 4000 associates and affiliates. Each section is independent and has its own board of directors, only surpassed by a national board of directors comprised of twenty associates from all over the republic.

Developed over the years with the input and knowledge of its members, AMPI is much more than just a collection of offices. AMPI has been a solid and recognized institution in Mexico for the past 27 years. It was originally established in 1956 and was consolidated in 1980. AMPI is currently represented in all the principle cities and regions of Mexico stretching from Tijuana to Cancun.

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