Vallarta Real Estate: August Is Still A Very Good Month

13 December, 2019

August in Puerto Vallarta

Rain is one of the most unpredictable weather phenomena encountered, no matter what corner of the globe you inhabit or visit. In Puerto Vallarta, it’s even more random. There are days when clouds loom on the horizon and we prepare for buckets dumping and we wait and wait. When one expects rain to cool the heavy humid air and nothing happens, it’s a matter of staying optimistic and turning up the air conditioning. Hot August nights (and days) are the norm in Puerto Vallarta but that doesn’t mean one needs to stay home, wiping sweaty brow, imitating a withering vine. There are plenty of things to do to distract one from the heat.

Pick up local papers to check on current activities. Entertainment does not come to a halt, and we have found there are many people in Puerto Vallarta; tourists, residents and locals alike. Several regular acts go on all year round. You can always catch Sylvie and Jorge of the famous Zippers once a week on Tuesdays; they will get your feet tapping with familiar tunes, as well as classic Spanish ballads. The Zippers also perform; you’ll want to get our your dancing shoes and loosen up your limbs. Joanie continues to entertain throughout the summer accompanied by Salvatore; great tunes and a bundle of laughs. Bingo fundraisers are a good chance to meet new people and win fun prizes, and rumor has it there will be an interesting twist in August involving Loteria with Bev. Chris Kenny, known for her rocking guitar, holds open mic with Tracy Parks on Thursday evenings. Ballet Folklorico Tradiciones visits Puerto Vallarta in August for a handful of performances and they are an act not to be missed! Some of these shows benefit local charities, which have a hard time in low season when there aren’t as many people around to support their causes. Don’t miss Azúca who will get your moving with their Gypsy Latin Jazz sound. The Jazz Foundation always has something happening, planned and spontaneous; we love their late night jams. The Red Room, Act ll, Encanto are all open, and if you can’t find schedules online or in the paper, go directly to the source; they consistently post entertainers on their storefronts.

Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens is also a good trip in an air conditioned bus. Head south of the city into the hills where the breezes will cool you down and you can see the progress that continues to beautify this amazing attraction.

Whatever you do, don’t stay home with the air con buzzing to keep you from melting. You’ll be missing so many great opportunities!

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AMPI is the national association of real estate professionals that have, since 1956, gathered under laws and codes of ethics and conduct to create a reliable, trustworthy and efficient real estate environment in Mexico.

AMPI consists of separate autonomous sections all throughout the nation, as well as more than 4000 associates and affiliates. Each section is independent and has its own board of directors, only surpassed by a national board of directors comprised of twenty associates from all over the republic.

Developed over the years with the input and knowledge of its members, AMPI is much more than just a collection of offices. AMPI has been a solid and recognized institution in Mexico for the past 27 years. It was originally established in 1956 and was consolidated in 1980. AMPI is currently represented in all the principle cities and regions of Mexico stretching from Tijuana to Cancun.

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