Puerto Vallarta News: Rumor Mills

23 January, 2020

Rumors in Puerto Vallarta

Social media has given new life to people who love gossip. There are countless sites to look up news about anyplace in the world but it’s important to crosscheck, investigate, and do your own research when it comes to rumors.

In recent months, Puerto Vallarta has been touted as the safest tourist destination in all of Mexico. Though reports have claimed there is heightened security, we haven’t noticed any differences over the years, nor have we ever felt unsafe here. Common sense is always the way to go. There isn’t any reason to believe that traveling to Puerto Vallarta is any different than other destinations in the world. We’ve always joked about the most dangerous part of visiting Puerto Vallarta is getting through the timeshare gauntlet leaving the airport. But even that is an opinionated rumor. Timeshares give a lot of support to our local economy, we have many friends who love owning them, and further, we have friends who work in the timeshare business.

Over the years we’ve heard all types of rumors but most of them come from wild imaginations that have been exposed to thriller movies and think someone’s creative tale was based on fact. On the other hand, there have been movies filmed right here in Puerto Vallarta and some visitors are intent on revisiting the locations they thought they saw in a film. Some movies, like Beverly Hills Chihuahua show off Puerto Vallarta with lovely backgrounds and street setting. Terminator takes place in the jungle, which is almost inaccessible for the exception of a highly embellished movie set known as El Eden, several kilometers above the small village of Mismaloya. It’s all fantasy, except for the backdrop.

TV shows that revolve around people buying real estate can make an impression on those who plan to visit. Some might think we all live in mansions here in Puerto Vallarta. There are definitely some incredible view homes, but there are also many more humble and very affordable dwellings.

For the most part, Puerto Vallarta is as uneventful as a sleepy rural village. We do have our share of parades, festivals, charity and sports events, bike and foot races and an occasional film being made, but we if you’re looking for the type of excitement you see on television, you probably will need to go to Hollywood.

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