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23 January, 2020

Hablas Inglés?

Quite often when a person moves to Puerto Vallarta, they haven’t taken a grasp of the language, other than “cerveza, por favor” and “donde están los baños?” That’s loosely translated as “beer, please” and “where are the bathrooms?” We know about these things, as we were in the same boat misma barca many years ago. In the mid-90’s, it wasn’t easy to find Spanish classes in Puerto Vallarta, and online choices didn’t exist. We got our start at the International School of Friendship IFC, where excellent Spanish classes are still offered.

Until you learn some Spanish, you may spend a lot of time employing one phrase. “Hablas inglés?” translates to “can you speak English?” and unless you’re seated at a restaurant in town, patronized by tourists, you are likely to get a shake of the head. It’s good to be able to order your own phone at TelMex, tell the maid you need the patio mopped today, ask the bus driver if he goes to Walmart, just to give a few examples. This is a Spanish speaking country and if you want to find your way around and get things done, it’s in your best interest to learn the language. We’ve heard the argument “but there are so many English-speaking people here now.” It was your decision to move here. Imagine if you moved to France and tried to get by speaking only English.

Besides the IFC, there are many fine schools in the area:

Melchor’s is in Versailles and comes highly recommended. We know others who’ve had great success at this school, which is located at Viena 209-A.

The Spanish Experience Center is in 5 de Diciembre on Rep. de Chile 182. It’s a good location and easy to get to.

Proulex is great for French, English and Spanish. They are located in El Centro at Libertad 105, right in the heart of everything! You can leave class and go forth to barter and buy at the local markets.

In the Plaza Marina you’ll find French Connect at local A46, another school offering three language choices.

You will get to a point you want to try out your newfound skills. Babel Bar on the Isla del Cuale is a great place to test your accent, enjoy excellent live music and fine food, and meet new friends. After all, what did you come to Puerto Vallarta for?

Que es cómo es.

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