Hey Vallarta… What About Luxury Villas?

07 October, 2019

Why Stay in a Villa?

Puerto Vallarta has many villas for rent in different systems, all catering to similar and divergent tastes and requirements. Some are strictly gay villas and proprietors are permitted to decide these parameters. There are several who will not rent to families, starting with no one under 6, or 12 or 18, depending on whatever their criteria happens to be. There are so many more that are more than happy to welcome large groups and all ages, including as many generations as you’ve got!

You may be greeted by an owner or simply have a code box with a hidden key. A houseman or mozo could be waiting at the door and some villas in Puerto Vallarta are fully staffed. This can mean one maid and a gardener/handyman or could extend to cooks, servers, chauffeurs, laundry personnel. It all depends on the size of the house and/or the budget.

Why choose a villa over a hotel in Puerto Vallarta? The list is myriad but here are a few good reasons:

  • The staff either retreats to their own quarters after dinner is served or they go to their own homes in or about Puerto Vallarta, and return in the morning. You have the house to yourself and can do whatever you want within the constraints of legality and respectability. Usually a bar is left open and there are often leftovers to munch on. You can ask the cook, if there is one, to make something special for you. If you have a pet, it’s a much easier adjustment for them.
  • Avoid the hustle and bustle of offloading in a lobby, standing in lines; even the priciest hotels have check-in procedures. Skip them. If you rent a villa that has a staff, there’s a good chance fresh margaritas will await you, along with appetizers. If you’ve checked into somewhere that you’re the only people present, you can flop on a couch and check you’re your email; don’t have to be polite to anyone; or jump in the cool pool to unscramble your brain cells.
  • Cooking from home. You’ll most likely be asked for meal and grocery selections prior to arrival. If you cook some meals on your own, you’ll save a bundle on dining out. Staffed homes will add a surcharge, usually around 20% to the food and drink bill but it will still be far cheaper in the long run. Or you can experience a Mexican supermarket and do your own shopping.
  • If you want to bring a large group, this is really the way to do it. Do your research; don’t jump on the first offer you find. In a very short search, we found a villa in Puerto Vallarta, minutes away from town, sleeps 10, is fully staffed and has a large pool, $1,175/day. That, mind you, is $117 per person for a very luxurious vacation. Your friends’ jaws will drop when they see your photos.

There are so many reasons to stay in a villa in Puerto Vallarta but this gives you the general idea and should get you excited, now! Start googling! Buen viaje!

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 Thanks to our Guest Blogger Adam Garcia for this great article!

Harriet Cochran Murray, Director of Cochran Real Estate, is a seasoned Real Estate professional both here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and in the United States. Harriet has served in many capacities as a board member and President for the local Real Estate Association AMPI (AMPI is the national association of real estate professionals). She is also a member of FIABCI and NAR in the United States. Harriet’s expertise and experience in the Real Estate and especially in the Mexican market makes her Viewpoint blog articles both informational and intriguing. Harriet is a Buyer’s Agent who specializes in getting the best deal on the right property for her clients.

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