Hey Vallarta… Saving The Oceans 1 Straw At A Time

29 April, 2019
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Banning Straws in Puerto Vallarta

If you need proof that social media works, consider the banning of straws in many restaurants in Puerto Vallarta. Some have moved to alternatives, such as paper/wax straws, which are biodegradable, and less damaging to the environment and animals. There are establishments who will only give customers these types of straws if they are asked; not freely offering them. Others are using clever substitutes. We have seen bamboo tubes used, for example.

We recently read an article quoting Dune Ives, the Executive Director of Lonely Whale, a nonprofit whose goal is guarding our oceans from harm and protecting marine life. Ives states that straws are a “gateway plastic,” meaning they lead the way for people to realize how easy it is to give up all types of plastic. It’s not hard to let go of our love for straws; considering the destruction to our environment, especially all waterways, it should be easy.

The Save the Sea Turtle Foundation started out in 1987 as a national project and has hit its stride as a global group, creating awareness not just for sea turtles. They are dedicated disseminating educational information about our marine ecosystems and how we slowly destroying our ocean environments. Continual publication of graphic photos on the internet and social media showing the damage and death to turtles, birds, fish and all types of sea life has brought attention to the cause of the destruction.

People around the world are acting. Straws are a symbol. There is so much garbage floating around the planet, it’s impossible to describe in a short venue such as ours. We do know that a walk in the beach in Puerto Vallarta picking up garbage and debris is an eye-opening experience.

In Puerto Vallarta, it began with one small restaurant. They let their customers know they would no longer provide drinking straws. It quickly caught on to the degree there are now businesses attached to the movement. Check out #sinpopote, which means without straw in Spanish. You can buy stainless steel straws, include a cleaner and case.  We personally have a glass straw, a gift from a stateside friend; it is sturdy, non-breakable and comes with a money back guarantee. Hummingbird Glass Straws is another company, easily found on a Google search; they have straws with cute little animals, characters and decorations. Keep an eye out in the stores around Puerto Vallarta or order on Amazon.

New York City is considering a ban on straws. In Puerto Vallarta, we are ahead of the game. With locals, residents, and tourists joining together, we can make a difference. Next up: Plastic bags.

Que cómo es es.

 Thanks to our Guest Blogger Adam Garcia for this great article!

Harriet Cochran Murray, Director of Cochran Real Estate, is a seasoned Real Estate professional both here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and in the United States. Harriet has served in many capacities as a board member and President for the local Real Estate Association AMPI (AMPI is the national association of real estate professionals). She is also a member of FIABCI and NAR in the United States. Harriet’s expertise and experience in the Real Estate and especially in the Mexican market makes her Viewpoint blog articles both informational and intriguing. Harriet is a Buyer’s Agent who specializes in getting the best deal on the right property for her clients.

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