Have You Seen The Zocalo In Puerto Vallarta?

30 March, 2019

The Zocalo

Our introduction to the plaza in the center of Puerto Vallarta was definitely a gradual one. Over time we have found this to be one of the most magical, interesting and entertaining places in town. If you journey out of Puerto Vallarta and visit any city, town, or village, you will find a main zocalo. It is the heart and heartbeat of any municipality, no matter how large or small.

Saturday evenings are guaranteed to be delightful because there is always something taking place. On Sundays, the Puerto Vallarta Municipal orchestra performs and we watch for special happenings that bridge the weekends. The church, Our Lady of Guadalupe has events that pour out over the street and into the square on a regular basis.

There isn’t a major holiday in Puerto Vallarta that doesn’t involve the zocalo, it being the spirit and soul of Independence Day, with the city mayor reenacting El Grito from the balcony of City Hall. Christmas; Halloween; Day of the Dead; Revolution Day; New Year’s Eve…the list goes on, are all centered in the zocalo. There are quiet celebrations and very loud, active ones. The beautiful altars during Day of the Dead call for reverence. The sidewalk chalk competitions are a time of contemplation and admiration. Art shows, flea markets and charity functions take place in the beautiful little main square of Puerto Vallarta. Musicians come here to practice before appreciative audiences, while warming up for shows and parades and we get a free performance.

Any evening will find lovers strolling, children laughing and playing, elderly having a rest on their way to and fro, or simply observing, which is the best occupation in the zocalo; people-watching at its very best. Photographers love the setting of the zocalo in Puerto Vallarta for wedding photos, simple and tasteful.

Tacos are just around any given corner, as well as comida corridas, the little restaurants that serve delicious food at the lunch hour for a very nominal price. The malecón on the other side of the street begs to be a larger part of anyone’s paseo (stroll) and both are perfect for watching fireworks that occur on a nightly basis and at great elaboration on more festive evenings.

We have witnessed many memorable occasions in our beautiful zocalo in Puerto Vallarta that we are now proud to be possessive of and invite you to share and enjoy as we have.

Que es cómo es.

 Thanks to our Guest Blogger Adam Garcia for this great article!

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