Down at the Soccer Field in Puerto Vallarta

26 September, 2019

Mexicans can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear better than anything we have seen. This past weekend, while walking the pup in our Colonia in Puerto Vallarta, we heard the excitement and clamor of a large party and made it our business to see where this celebration was taking place. In a neighborhood eclectic and diverse as ours, where splendid houses settle in the midst of bungalows and humble shanties, there is always interesting activity.  How surprised we were to discover a lovely gala in the middle of the normally drab and somewhat dusty soccer field! Canopies, white as angels wings, sheltered guests and victuals from beating sun. Tables and chairs spread with elegant cloths, napkins and full-on settings with china and crystal. Flower arrangements bursting with every imaginable color; bright, multicolored banners attached and hanging from any available purchase!

Mexico-Ball-1 - copia

The aroma of lip smacking, delicious food, typical of any Mexican get together in Puerto Vallarta, drifted over the crowd. The buffet was supervised by a contingent of well dressed abuelas (grandmothers), who tipped lids and spun spoons, while people loaded plates and searched for dining companions among the throng. Two bars set up on opposite sides of the field, offered tubs of ice cold beer, refills of wine and the always present tequila, plus a clear barrel full of fresh red jaimica for the kiddies.

A portable dance floor in the middle was just being initiated as we chanced along; we stayed to watch as children pushed and pulled at one another. This is no doubt about Mexican children learning the finer things in life at a young age and we admired the willingness of little boys to partner will their contemporaries, as well as mothers and grandmothers. Then the adults took the floor. Men in this country take such pride in knowing the proper steps and movements and the women follow as graceful as a professional ballet.

With many fancy dress shops and shoe stores, all throughout Puerto Vallarta and surrounding areas, we are aware of how Mexicans dress, always clean and pressed, children with not a hair out of place and shoes shined to a reflective surface. At a wedding such as this, all the finery is resplendent and dazzling. From infants to the eldest of grandfathers, everyone is dressed in their very best. No t-shirts and jeans in sight.

Music decorates the air, just as everything else is magnificent and representative of a perfect day for all within earshot. No one complains. The entire neighborhood shares in the joy and din of Mariachi and later the blast of recorded music, with speakers atop a pickup truck. It’s a party for everyone and beautiful in every way.

To our surprise the next morning, the soccer field was once again a dusty bowl for ball, never the wiser.

Que es cómo es.

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