Crowd-Sourced Advice for New Real Estate Pros

12 June, 2018
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When NAR asked its Facebook fans to share tips for real estate newbies, they got an avalanche of wisdom.

Getting started in real estate is not easy. Whether you’re a fresh-from-school rookie or a seasoned professional ready to begin a second career in real estate, there’s a lot to learn.

It can feel like there’s a dearth of resources at first, but sometimes asking for advice is the best move. That’s what Heather Elias—director of social business practice at the National Association of REALTORS®—did one recent morning on NAR’s Facebook page. She got more than she bargained for in response.

“I asked what one piece of advice our members would give to a new REALTOR®, and was overwhelmed with comments,” says Elias. “I think it speaks to the willingness of members to help each other.”

Among the more than 250 responses, there were some common elements. Communication was a big one (five separate people wrote the exact words, “answer your phone,” but there were many more answers about staying in touch with clients and colleagues alike). Education also ran through many answers as a theme, though the sources of knowledge included classes, mentors, coaches, colleagues, and more.

Here are some of the innumerable comments from real estate professionals who chimed in with helpful hints for newbies. We hope all practitioners—both new and old—enjoy this list, and invite you to add to it in the comment section below.

On professionalism:

Lawyers don’t give law a “try.” Doctors don’t give medicine a “try.” Don’t give real estate a try. You’ve chosen a career, not a job. Conduct yourself accordingly.
David Dale Johnson

Note: You might have to log in to Facebook in order to see the profiles linked beneath each quote.

Act as if your clients can see and hear you by hidden camera at all times.
J Philip Faranda

Be honest and thorough. You’re only as good as your word.
Cindy Stewart Penkoff

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