Chalacatepec International Airport will begin operations in 2024

12 March, 2024
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The governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, anticipated that “we are days away” from the federal government closing an agreement with a concessionaire group for the entity’s third international airport to begin operations this year.

The Chalacatepec International Airport, in the tourist area of Costalegre, will be in operation this year since, currently, the federal government is looking for a concessionaire group that can operate it, stated the governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez.

“We have already finished the airport and now the concession process is underway; it will be in operation this year and the opportunity that this will open is enormous,” the president announced during the change of board of directors of the State Hotel Association of Jalisco (AHJAL).

Alfaro Ramírez mentioned that there are already groups interested in the concession of the third air terminal in Jalisco although, he clarified, it is the Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (SCT) that is responsible for the process.

“But I can tell you that we are already a few days away from closing an agreement and that the route for that airport to be put into operation and be operational this year…The capacity is for any plane from anywhere in the world,” said the president.

Interviewed in this regard, Martín Pablo Zazueta, director of the Guadalajara International Airport which, like the Puerto Vallarta air terminal, is operated by the Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico (GAP), stated that the concessionaire group does not rule out the possibility of participating in the concession process.

“There is always an opportunity to participate in new projects, we would have to analyze. The truth is that today we are dedicated to the operation of the airports that we have concessions, but we never close any doors,” he said.


Costa Alegre Airport

Mexico’s ‘Happy Coast’ Increases Accessibility As Visionary Xala Opens

The alluring coastline of the Costalegre region, famously dubbed Mexico’s “Happy Coast,” has become a hotspot for the jet-set drawn to its 238–mile stretch of unspoiled beaches, enchanting capes and bays, and luxury resorts. Situated south of Puerto Vallarta, where the jungle meets the beach, the region is currently accessible through commercial flights to PVR typically requiring several hours of driving post-flight to reach key resorts and hotels.

Anticipated to open in 2024, the upcoming Chalacatepec International Airport will offer direct access to this sought-after destination. The aim is to keep operations modest, ensuring swift customs clearance for arriving passengers and allowing them to unwind on the serene beaches in no time. The airport will play a pivotal role in meeting the growing demand for the area, complemented by the launch of the highly awaited Xala.

This visionary $1 billion development, spanning 3,000 acres, is set to become one of Mexico’s premier destinations. The ambitious project encompasses luxury hotels, estate-style vacation homes, and a lavish 51-villa Six Senses hotel, scheduled to open its doors in 2026.





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