Why Home Inspections are Nothing to get Worked up About!

06 December, 2019
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Okay sure, I absolutely without a doubt recommend getting a home inspection done when home buying. What I think my title suggests however is that after years of seeing home inspections come and go, my advice to buyers is to never let the home inspection get you worked up and out of sorts…until you go deeper.

Home Inspections are Nothing to get Worked up About

The due diligence or inspection period in the “honeymoon” phase of the contract process is not just intended for a home inspection by itself.  Some home inspections come back clean and don’t need more due diligence potentially.

Many do however.

Good Home Inspectors will tell you they are “general practitioners.” You know what I mean. Like an ER doctor.

They will tell you everything that “could be wrong” and “might happen” including death of the patient when looking at a broken toe! One of my sons when he was 9 had a blow out fracture in his eye. That was a bad day!

The ER doctor told us everything down to “reconstructive facial surgery” he might have to go through!

As I stood there feeling faint I called an eye doctor I knew and he laughed it off.

He said it was no big deal, it would heal on its own, and there was nothing that had to be done to it. Leave it alone and it would heal. It did.  This is the difference I paint in the home inspector versus a specialist in whatever area.

The best Home Inspectors will encourage you to not just take their word for items they see that seem amiss at an inspection, but to have a contractor come out and research further. Be it an HVAC company, electrician, pool guy, etc.. Home Inspectors don’t know everything and haven’t seen everything!

Today I had to open a house up for a jet tub repairman on a listing of mine.

The home inspection said the tub motor “was not functional.”  They put this on the inspection report and asked the seller to repair prior to closing.  What is interesting is that after the tub guy cut the tub on, he reached down, put his fingers in each jet and pulled them each out about half an inch. They at that point each engaged and worked fine.

The inspection report said, “motor not functional.”  The jets just had to be turned on effectively! What in the minds was a several hundred dollar potential repair by the buyer was a trip fee to cut the jets on.

I have had inspection reports that showed “lights don’t work in kitchen..” or whatever room in the house a given light did not come on.

On once occasion I asked the home inspector afterwards, because he put down that evaluation needed to be done by a licensed electrician sounding all ominous and making the buyer think the electrical was on its last leg, if he had checked the light bulbs on those lights that did not function. He said, “No we can’t take the time to check a light bulb.”

As it turns out, when I pulled another bulb out of one light that was working and put it in the fixture that was not, it worked just fine and it was evidently a non-issue.  Yet  the inspection said once again to consult an electrician for evaluation “on the problem.”

A recent inspection said the pool pump had “gaps” in some aspect of the pump that after consulting with the seller regular pool company I was told it was “supposed to be that way.”

Are home inspections valuable? Yes, but unless they are clean they are just a start to your due diligence.  Know what you are buying, but evaluate with a licensed trade that knows what they are looking at so you won’t be putting down items that really aren’t broken just because the Home Inspector could not turn on a jet tub!


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