Viva La Siesta in Puerto Vallarta

30 November, 2019
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Smile, Dance and Take a Nap!

Have you noticed how friendly everyone is here in Puerto Vallarta? We walk down the street and all the Mexicans we pass bid us a good morning, afternoon or evening, depending on the time of day. “Buen dia“ (have a good day) is often a common parting comment. Everyone smiles! It’s easy to tell tourists and recent arrivals from locals; they stare straight ahead and tend to make one feel invisible. A good lesson to learn from Latin Americans is their amiability, good nature and willingness to lend a hand. We know that in the north if our car battery dies, for example while leaving the lights on in a parking lot, we need to call AAA for a jump. Here in Puerto Vallarta, we can barely get the cables out of the trunk before someone slams on their breaks, jumps out and pops open their hood.

We also love the way Mexicans sing and whistle a tune, when going about their business. The ladies at the lavanderia, where we drop off our dirty laundry, sing love songs while they sort, iron and fold. We pick up our clean clothes and linens and tip extra for the lovely smiles and serenades. Our gardener whistles melodically and when having little jobs done around the house, the abañiles are almost always merrily humming and singing, sometimes in full harmony!

Mexicans love to dance and start lessons as early as kindergarten. They exhibit a constant joyfulness and this carefree movement doesn’t stop with old age. At weddings, birthday parties, quinceañeras and other celebrations, everyone dances and Mexicans broke down gender barriers long before most of us have… they dance with whomever wants to get up and move, be it a grandmother, child or crazy drunk uncle.

Along with the easygoing attitude one finds among Mexicans in Puerto Vallarta is the ability to have a good healthy nap in the afternoon or early evening. We’ve arranged a couple of hammocks around the casa to not just add color but as an inviting place to retire for an hour or so. Traditionally, the most filling meal of the day in Mexico is midday, even though work hours and the loss of traditional afternoon closing times have altered that convention. We continue to honor it, however, with grace, and when clubbing, advise submitting to a “disco nap” enabling one to endure dancing hours. Naps at all daytime hours are healthy and highly recommended.

Que es cómo es.

From our guest blogger:  Adam Garcia

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