Vallarta Culture: Ojo De Venado

21 September, 2019

Many cultures share the belief that envy is a powerful emotion and can be harmful for the person who is being coveted, in whatever manner. It is best to ward off this desire, or so the faith implies. Babies are especially vulnerable and in Mexico, those who adhere to this conviction have a tradition for newborns to protect them.

Ojo de Venado or “Deer’s Eye” is worn on the baby’s wrist as a bracelet. A special seed, attached to customary red yarn, keeps the child safe from many bad things.

Most of us love babies and many are simply curious to have a peek at the new arrival. In Mexico, make sure your inquisitiveness is accompanied by genuine admiration. It is not unusual to touch their hand or perhaps just the blanket they are wrapped in to make sincere contact. We ask for permission to hold the baby because doing so is a sure sign of respect; even if only for a quick moment and then handing her back to her parent or on to another admirer.

Mexican parents are inclined to believe that babies are little sponges, soaking up whatever sentiments are directed towards them. The Ojo de Venado will make sure that anyone giving their new offspring the “evil eye” will be thwarted. On the other hand, those of us who pay attention in a loving and kind way will also be absorbed and inform the infant that there are people in the world who are to be trusted and willing to provide comfort.

We are prone to agree with this custom and encourage our readers to make sure they are aware, when attending any event where newborns are present, what proper behavior and reaction is expected.

Que es cómo es.

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