Upcoming Course: Real Estate II by Rafael Valdez

16 January, 2023
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Real Estate II, along with the basic course, Real Estate I, complements the required hours of professional training to join AMPI, is scheduled to be taught starting on January 31st, for a duration of approximately two weeks.

Training endorsed by sep and curricular validity at the national level in real estate courses, approved by AMPI Vallarta, Nayarit and Compostela.

Designed and taught by Rafael Valdez Becerra, trainer and evaluator certified by CONOCER on the Standards ECO217, ECO076, ECO110.01 and ECO277. Accreditation certificate ECE021-10.

Designed for

Real estate professionals with a certain level of knowledge and the desire to keep climbing but in a professional manner.

The real estate market has new challenges. Behind was the idea of selling houses just because it is easy and does not require any training or being employed by any company. Today the Mexican market has its own rules, in which the real estate professional cannot be improvised, but an agent of change in constant updating, thus offering a high-quality service. Customers are becoming better educated and ready to ask and not be easily deceived.



I – the real estate professional business plan
II – representing and marketing real estate developments
III – urban development plans and programs, land use and zoning.
IV – federal law for the prevention and identification of operations with resources of illicit origin and extinction of domain.

The course will be held on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, from 11:00 to 14:00 hrs. (3 hours) total duration estimated of 2 weeks.


Starting date: January 31st, 2023

Class hours. 18
Extra class works: 22 hours
Credits: 40



AMPI: $5,200.00 plus iva
General: $5,800.00 plus iva

Minimum required: 15 participants.



Upon successful completion of the course and having passed the written exam, students will receive an official certificate endorsed by sep, with curricular validity and 40 hours credits of professional training. The minimum score required: 70% (seventy).

Further information and registration with Rafael: – Tel. 322-297-0673 – Cel. 322-294-1679



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