Upcoming Certification: Real Estate Consultancy in Tourist Zones

18 May, 2023
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Real Estate Consultancy in Tourist Zones

AMPI and Rafael Valdez invite you to be certified in the standard of competency EC0277, Real Estate Consultancy Services in Tourist Zones (in English). The purpose of a standard of competency serves as a reference for the evaluation and certification of persons engaged in the marketing of real estate in tourist zones to provide transparent and secure transactions to buyers and sellers.

According to the AMPI, certification is a valuable tool. It is the means we have to demonstrate to clients and the public in general, that they are assisted by someone qualified, prepared, and trained. Certification supports your knowledge and experience.

The certification consists of the development of a portfolio of evidence which should be completed in a maximum of two weeks and an evaluation of your knowledge by means of a simulation that takes approximately three and a half hours.

The alignment workshop, 3.5 hrs, is the guide in the development of the portfolio and the performance of your knowledge.


Certification in English:

Methodology: virtual (online).

Alignment workshop: June 22 and 23, 2023 at 5:00 P.M., central time.

Evaluation: it will be scheduled by mutual agreement.

Deadline for delivery of the evidence portfolio: 15 days after the alignment workshop.

Price: $5,900.00 + IVA

Includes alignment workshop, evaluation, and certificate.


This is not a course; it is an evaluation that certifies what you already know.

For further information and registration: Rafael – – Tel. 322 297 0673  – Cel. 322 2941679



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