UNIVA and AMPI Vallarta Collaborate to Strengthen the Real Estate Sector in Puerto Vallarta

10 May, 2024
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In a significant step towards the professionalization and sustainable growth of the real estate sector in Puerto Vallarta, the Universidad del Valle de Atemajac (UNIVA), Campus Vallarta, and the Vallartense Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI Vallarta) have sealed an important collaboration agreement on last Wednesday, May 8 of this year.

The signing ceremony, which took place with the participation of prominent members of both institutions, marked the beginning of a strategic partnership aimed at enriching the local real estate sector. On behalf of AMPI Vallarta, prominent figures such as Silvia L. Elías, president; Harriet Murray, Chair of the Steering Committee; Ron Morgan, member of the Steering Committee; Graciela Zamudio, Francine Britton, and Ian Shepherd, among others, made an appearance.


Dr. Luis I. Zúñiga Bobadilla, director UNIVA Campus Vallarta

Dr. Luis I. Zúñiga Bobadilla, director UNIVA Campus Vallarta


UNIVA Campus Vallarta, for its part, was represented not only by its director, Dr. Luis I. Zúñiga Bobadilla, but also by distinguished members of the Council of Directors, led by Mr. Eduardo Legorreta Chauvet. The presence of these outstanding leaders underscores the joint commitment of both institutions to professional development and excellence in the sector.

This momentous agreement consolidates the relationship between UNIVA and AMPI Vallarta, with a clear focus on continued professional development. UNIVA is committed to offering specialized academic programs that address the specific needs of the real estate industry, providing AMPI Vallarta members with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. This exchange of knowledge and resources will contribute significantly to the advancement and professionalization of the sector, thus raising standards of excellence.



During the signing session, Lic. Ian Shepherd, Administrator of AMPI Vallarta, shared a few words that encapsulate the importance of this historic collaboration.

“I want to express my most sincere gratitude to the Universidad del Valle de Atemajac, UNIVA, for this collaboration opportunity that we are signing today. This agreement represents an important step towards professional development and continuous improvement of the real estate sector in Puerto Vallarta.”

Ian Shepherd, administrador de AMPI Vallarta

Ian Shepherd, administrador de AMPI Vallarta


Likewise, Dr. Luis I. Zúñiga added that this collaboration will not only raise the level of professionalism among colleagues but will also contribute to the sustainable growth of the real estate sector in the region.

“This agreement is more than a simple agreement; It is a shared commitment from both parties to drive development and excellence in our industry. I am excited about the opportunities that will arise from this collaboration and am confident that together we will achieve great things”.



The signing of this agreement between UNIVA Campus Vallarta and AMPI Vallarta marks a milestone in the real estate panorama of Puerto Vallarta, promoting professionalization, excellence, and sustainable growth in the sector.

Congratulations to AMPI Vallarta and UNIVA Campus Vallarta for this great agreement!


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