Traditional Marketing and PR Tactic: Clever Closing Gifts

14 June, 2019
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All real estate agents know how important it is to make their clients happy. You always try to go the extra mile in terms of service and add in any extras that you can. Whether it be market knowledge, help for first time homeowners, guidance about where the market is headed or advice on the smartest home purchase to make given your client’s specific circumstances.

Agents who are invested in their clients work diligently throughout the home buying process to ensure a smooth sale. And your clients are appreciative of your efforts. Their sale is your salary. So … what can you give as a parting gift to thank them for their business?

Clever Closing Gifts

Obviously, all agent-client relationships are different. Some are a complete treasure, while others can prove more … difficult. But at the end of the day, every client deserves a closing gift — as a thank-you, as a reminder that their business matters, and as an incentive to return to you for business — and even provide you with referrals.

Closing gifts are more than just a kind gesture — they’re traditional marketing tools that help keep you in close ties with your clients. Closing gifts are a creative way to market yourself to your clients and to connect with them even after your work with them comes to an end.

Here are a few ideas for thoughtful closing gifts that will thank your clients for business and provide them with a memorable token of their experience:

1) Something personalized. Especially for first-time home buyers, something emblazoned with their name and new address can really make an impact. Whether it’s return address labels (or a stamp with their return address), a welcome mat, or something as personal as embroidered hand towels or a personalized cutting board, adorning a household item with your client’s name is a customized way to say thank you.

2) A night on the town. Moving is a headache. Buying a new house is one of life’s greatest stressors — even though the outcome is worth the work. A gift certificate to a local restaurant is a great way to thank your client (especially a client with small children, for whom the hassles of moving are intensified) and also introduce him or her to a new community. Better yet if you know the restaurant owner and can give a boost to a local business.

3) Something tasty. Every new home owner experiences a few hectic days getting into their new digs. The refrigerator isn’t always full, and the pantry is most likely empty at first. Think about what you know of your client — is he or she more prone to extravagance or essentials? Tailor your gift as needed. Fancy chocolates? Omaha steaks? Or a basket of pasta and sauce, bread, jelly and peanut butter? You’re the best judge of your client’s lifestyle and needs.

4) An Experience. A concert, performance, or local sports tickets are great ways to get your client to know the community. You’ve spent some time with them; you know their tastes. From a sporting event to a wine tasting to a craft fair, giving your client an experience that speaks to his or her tastes provides a great way to kick back and have some fun while also getting involved in a new community.

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