The Scary Truth About 3 Everyday Real Estate Horrors. Happy Halloween!

23 February, 2019

Halloween is quickly approaching which means goblins, ghosts and witches are on the prowl! So in honor of the festive night, I’ve put together some scary, but truthful facts about what lies in wait in the twisted and crazy world of Real Estate. READ ON… IF YOU DARE!

Real Estate Horrors

Got Ghosts?

Not to worry. No need to call in the Ghostbusters or even to disclose it! Seriously, ghosts don’t devalue your home and in some states you don’t even have to disclose how they got there like…. dun dun dun… MURDER! While a serious crime, like murder, feels like a need to know for a buyer, it’s not required by law (in most states) ! But don’t fret I did tell you this for a reason. You see as a seller you MUST disclose anything that materially affects the value of the property, i.e. roof leaks, broken appliances, sinkholes. So Casper and his friends can stay hidden for now! But seller’s dish out all the rest and be honest, lies will only haunt you later when they come out. And I guarantee they will come out, one way or …another. And buyer’s make sure you ask for the disclosures before making your offer, or you could be paying for it later…

 The Creepy home on the hill.

You know the one that’s been vacant for years. The doors falling off, the pool has turned green and there’s mold everywhere? A perfect place for the evil witch to hide and cook up problems! In Real Estate it’s known as THE FORECLOSURE! Oh my! Scary isn’t it? You see every neighbor sees the eye sore and every buyer…a great deal! Or is it? It used to be Foreclosures were considered the best bet for your money, but these days banks are very real estate savvy and pricing the homes closer to fair market value! So why buy a beat up home and spend thousand renovating (a possible horrific experience on its own) when you can buy a home, ready to go, just down the street?! And short sales, pre-foreclosures? That’s another whole nightmare! Do you want to wait until two Halloweens from now to close? Dealing with owners can be hard enough, do you think the banks make it easier or creepier? Just joking. But seriously, before you go with buying a distressed property, research, research, research! Make sure the deal is really the best bet for you and your family, or you could be regretting your decision before next full moon is upon us!

Still reading? You must be thirsty for more! Here’s one last hair raising tidbit.

Chucky Dolls, and Haunted Caves and tonights’ Witchs’ Brew

Truthfully, there is no hocus pocus to help close a real estate transaction easily, however, if you follow these tips you may not go barking mad by the end of the transaction!

I’ve said it before and I will say it again… clutter can kill… deals that is. I’ve seen it all. Rooms dedicated to Chucky.. I mean doll collections. They’re weird people, and they freak out buyers! Pack them up and hide them away! ‘Caves’ decorated with various sports teams! Walls in off colors, like purple and gold, to show the sellers deep their dedication to their ‘practice’. AHH, a decorators’ horror! I’m telling you, I know it’s hard to hear, but paint it, clean it up, and pack away the superstitious rituals! And those aren’t the only poltergeist to scare away buyers’, bad odors can do it, too. You’ve been warned about your little gremlins ( furry or otherwise) can be bad for the nose, but so can what you are brewing in your cauldron for tonight’s dinner. So if you can, avoid smelly meals like fish, and frog legs on days of showings!

Truthfully, there is no hocus pocus to help close a real estate transaction easily, however, if you follow these tips you may not go barking mad by the end of the transaction!


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