The Future Of Online Learning And The Real Estate Industry

03 January, 2020

As independent contractors, who are entrepreneurial by circumstance and design, real estate professionals must be competitive in a dynamic and increasingly global marketplace.

The best way for these individuals to achieve that goal – the most effective and convenient means for them to leverage and profit from this environment – is through online learning.

online learning

This option, which enables realty firms to offer their existing seminars and training courses to a broader audience, while simultaneously transforming residential agents into teachers – with the privilege of monetizing their own intelligence – is, in a word, revolutionary.

With the right platform to make this scenario a reality, everyone benefits from the promotion of education, and the engagement of a lively community, which is also a highly  successful community.

Realtors can take classes from another company’s library of instructional materials, or they can highlight their services about their respective areas of expertise; they can be mentors and sages, commanding generous compensation (in an open marketplace) for the wisdom they possess and the insight they apply to a host of challenges.

I write these words as a university lecturer and as the Founder of, an innovative way for users to educate, engage and succeed.

My perspective is, therefore, different than another person’s theory of what online learning is or should be, because I can attest to the limitless choices of a virtual classroom.

This opportunity also allows realty firms to generate revenues for content previously made available exclusively to their existing employees.

That content, often produced at a loss because it is for in-house purposes only, can be an ongoing source of income for other agents who want to learn about the rules or principles that make a particular firm so productive or credible.

That part, the educational component, is a way to create a new financial pipeline independent of external economic conditions, commissions or the cumulative number of transactions a firm consummates in a month or year.

Indeed, when we envision real estate firms as vaults of intellectual capital, and when we equip those businesses with the tools to easily introduce this material to a global audience, online learning becomes interactive, empowering and rewarding for everyone.

Also, when real estate professionals itemize their skills, when they identify and monetize their talents involving sales and promotions or financial modeling and pricing analysis, they have greater freedom; they have the liberty of multiple income streams, and the personal satisfaction of making their industry more adept and agile.

Engagement and Success: The New Spirit of Online Learning

This emphasis on education seamlessly complements the ideals of engagement (between or among real estate professionals) and mutual success.

For example: A shared destination, which is also a grand marketplace of ideas with an infinite number of classrooms, is the foundation for an active online community; a genuine place of discussion and the exchange of ideas – a network for networking, which traverses the world and unites likeminded individuals, on behalf of noble ambitions and sound traditions.

Technology is the great enabler of this community; the platform is both the basis for professional engagement and the blueprint for making each user the author of – while converting every real estate executive into the architect for – their own notion of success.

In other words, this combination of education, engagement and success is an inseparable bond; one element begets the other, maximizing the benefits of technology with the humanity (and the humanities, as its own discipline worthy of instruction) of people who can come together in pursuit of the same things for the same reasons: Intellectual enrichment, personal connections and professional gains.

Those strengths can transform the real estate industry, for the good of individual professionals and clients alike.

For, knowledge is a portable commodity, whose value increases in proportion to the acquisition of more material; its usefulness expands in correlation to its relevance among those with an appetite for information and a need to succeed.

Those factors define the new world of online learning, backed by a platform that encourages education and rewards entrepreneurialism. That platform is the real estate industry’s wellspring of achievement. It is the future, made available now.

Author: Keith Williams

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