Travel: Sierra de Vallejo, Riviera Nayarit

10 July, 2020

Sierra de Vallejo

North of Puerto Vallarta, stretching from Bucerias to La Peñita de Jaltemba, we have found a biosphere reserve where approximately twenty percent of Mexico’s mangroves are found. With less than an hour’s drive from Puerto Vallarta, you will arrive at the southern tip of this incredible biosphere. The freshwater River Ameca meets with the briny Pacific Ocean to create a perfect habitat for an array of animals. Eco cruises are available, taking tourists on boats through the swamps along the canals where three lakes meet. ATV tours are also obtainable but we eschew such a disruptive presence in this beautiful, natural world where wildlife is easily disturbed. With nearly 550 square kilometers (340 sq miles) there is likely room for everyone but we prefer to give Mother Nature as much peace and tranquility as possible.

Protected Planet has monthly updates with submissions from governments, landowners and communities regarding Sierra de Vallejo. The site is a good resource for checking out terrestrial and marine protected locations. At this site, you will find out more about Sierra de Vallejo and can access related statistics, as well as download data from the World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA).

Bring your camera on this daytrip from Puerto Vallarta. An astonishing population of wild boars, crocodiles, and jaguars live in Sierra de Vallejo Biosphere Reserve, along with several types of colorful parrots. You will see herons, seagulls, pelicans, ducks and other birds thriving in this stunning forest shelter. In the distance, you will observe the Sangaguey volcano, which hasn’t erupted since 1724 (according to local indigenous legend); it is an impressive sight to behold, the highest volcano in the corridor.

For birdwatchers, there’s nothing like viewing a black-bellied tree duck, great blue heron, or roseate spoonbill in this amazing landscape. Tours are available from several agencies and a simple online search will reveal wonderful opportunities for exploring this fabulous site only a short distance from Puerto Vallarta. Buen viaje!

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