Real Estate Transactions Go Green

08 May, 2015

It’s easier than ever to put a green spin on housing, but not always quite how you may think.

“Green” real estate often refers to planet-friendly construction materials, energy efficiency and sustainability in both form and function for new and existing homes.

The sense that Earth’s resources aren’t limitless is finally starting to hit home with many housing consumers. That can extend to real estate transactions as well, by eliminating paperwork and accomplishing more electronically.

With virtually everyone equipped with a smartphone, there’s no end to what can be achieved in a green way, especially in the real estate arena.

Smartphones have streamlined almost everything we do, putting us in constant contact with friends and family, colleagues, and nearly limitless information.

With the ability to research anything right at our fingertips, it’s easier than ever to access and aggregate information while on the go – and with less paper waste.

From apps designed to help us get the most out of a house hunt to immediate document turnaround via mobile email and communications with a real estate agent, the process of buying a house has never been more convenient, efficient and effective.

Green real estate transactions

Gone are the days of slogging through the big book of paper listings in an agent’s office before heading out for the home search.

Instead of sifting through reams of fliers and handouts, you get instant property details, including photos, videos and information from your agent sent right to your phone.

Once you’ve found your dream house, your agent can communicate your interest immediately to the seller’s agent and get the ball rolling on a sale.

Because paperless transactions require less time, negotiations get a boost and there’s less waiting. Technology allows the convenience of digitally initialing and signing off on multiple forms and documents rather than relying upon a plethora of printouts.

National Association of REALTOR®, designated ePro certified agents and similar real estate company designations are trained and experienced to be more conversant in the high-tech approach to real estate transaction.

Eliminating paperwork gives your agent more time to spend focusing on you, your housing needs and your home search or home sale.

You likely are already mobile ready for your home buy or sale.

To learn how technologically “green” your agent is, talk to him or her about the various ways he or she deploys technology to benefit you.


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