Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon Set for Exciting Revival

15 August, 2023
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Get ready to witness the transformation of Puerto Vallarta’s iconic Malecon! Christian Preciado, Director of Municipal Tourism, has announced an impressive investment of over 5 million pesos from the Zofemat Fund to kickstart the Malecon’s rehabilitation in less than three weeks.

This year has highlighted the Malecon’s deteriorating state – broken concrete decks, inadequate lighting, and fading paint. The City government’s proactive move to secure resources from the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone (Zofemat) signifies a turning point. Damaged by hurricanes and relentless waves, the Malecon’s revival is essential.

Restrictions will soon be in place as comprehensive work commences, targeting various areas simultaneously. From the lights to the worn handrail and the salt-eroded bridge, no detail is overlooked. This ambitious rehabilitation and maintenance initiative will span two to three months, reaffirming the commitment to preserve Puerto Vallarta’s charm.

As an external company prepares to take charge of the Malecon’s maintenance, the decision, expected within a week, holds great significance. The impending revival of this iconic space promises a renewed spirit for both locals and visitors alike.





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