Puerto Vallarta: What to buy as a last minute gift

17 August, 2019
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Here’s some advice for tourists and those who living Puerto Vallarta, part-time or year round. What to buy as a last minute gift!

When we discovered Vinos Americas on Basilio Badillo, many of our problems were solved! They let you taste tequila before you buy it! Their selection for gifts or personal consumption is beyond compare and the prices are very competitive. The bonus? They have wonderful baskets and prepared ensembles that take a lot of work out of thinking about what to bring (other than a customary bottle) as a hostess gift. Duty Free Shops at the airport can’t beat these prices. The staff is friendly and helpful, which we appreciate immensely, after certain forays into the aisles of competitors, where we may as well have been Hansel and Gretel following bread crumbs, for all the assistance we’ve received.

Piñatas are not just for children! We’ve had more fun than we can relate on these pages when gifting a piñata! Deliver empty or filled with theme related goodies and you will be the talk of any social gathering. With more than one size to choose from, we recommend purchasing contents first, so you will be able to gauge if you need a large or small piñata. Along several back streets in the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta you will find little shops where piñatas are created by families who’ve been in the business for decades. They’ll even craft a unique and original piñata of your own design!

María dolls are sold on the beach and by women on sidewalks of Puerto Vallarta, who craft them before your eyes and also are willing to dress a doll to your order. Knowing your colors in Spanish may help but pointing is the best solution, as most of these women speak the local indigenous dialect. María dolls are the original Mexican rag doll and are considered a blessing when given as a gift. They come in many sizes and pack well, and won’t break, making a mess in your suitcase. Considering this is a handmade item, it’s significantly inexpensive.

Who doesn’t love a colorful Mexican blanket? Beach vendors in Puerto Vallarta carry a huge selection of colors and the choice of wool or cotton blends. One can get a killer deal by buying in bulk and if asked, the merchant will bundle them together to make for easy traveling. If buying a single blanket, we propose simply carrying it onto the airplane, where complementary blankets went the way of the TSA. No sense in freezing high in the sky after your days in the sun.

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