Puerto Vallarta is recognized as an ideal destination for “Digital Nomads”

05 April, 2024
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The Travel Off Path site ranks Puerto Vallarta as one of the best cities in Mexico in 2024 for this niche


Those who have visited Puerto Vallarta know that it is a place with great magnetism. After seeing it, many visitors feel that it is a city where they could live happily, and many who have the possibility of doing so make it their home.

In this digital era where some have the possibility of working from anywhere in the world, Puerto Vallarta is considered an ideal base for these nomads who can afford to live for some time in the places they like the most. This is indicated by the Travel Off Path site, which pointed out this destination as the best place in Mexico for digital nomads who want to live near the beach, as reported by the Tourism Trust in a statement.

Travel Off Path is the world’s leading independent travel news source, providing current and relevant news for travelers. Their writers are a team of expats, digital nomads, and avid travelers, creating relevant and useful content for other travelers.



They are the ones who, after traveling the world, identified Puerto Vallarta as a fashionable destination for digital nomads. Located on the Mexican Pacific coast, this tourist city is a perfect mix of tradition and modernity. The cobblestone streets and typical architecture of the old neighborhoods merge with first-class hotel areas.

In this regard, Luis Antonio Villaseñor Nolasco, director of Fidetur, pointed out that Puerto Vallarta “is not only a sun and beach destination, it also has areas to walk within the city – such as its luxurious marina and the famous boardwalk, where restaurants, bars, boutiques, jewelry stores, spas, etc. -, shopping centers, supermarkets, gyms, yoga studios, cinemas and everything necessary for modern life.”

Thanks to its combination of sea and mountains, it is also a place with more than 50 outdoor activities, from snorkeling and diving to ATV tours through the jungle and high-altitude zip lines.

It also hosts around 30 fixed events a year, including sporting events, food festivals, nautical and fishing tournaments, as well as the presence and celebration of all the most important Mexican traditions.

”In this way, digital nomads can work and at the same time live on vacation in one of the most paradisiacal destinations in Mexico, where they will find the ideal doses of peace, relaxation, excitement and entertainment.”



Puerto Vallarta is a fashionable destination for this sector of the population, there are also hotels oriented towards business tourism, where everything is designed to be able to vacation and work at the same time. Some resorts also have dedicated coworking facilities, high-speed internet, and extraordinary room service.

A digital nomad is a professional who uses new technologies to work, and who leads a nomadic lifestyle. They typically work remotely rather than at a fixed work location.




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