Puerto Vallarta, A Magic Place to Live

10 February, 2021
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There are so many reasons WHY people choose to visit Puerto Vallarta for a day, a week, or a lifetime! Did you know that it has been named the ¨Friendliest City¨ By Conde Nast and Trip Advisor has it as their ¨Top 10 destinations in Mexico¨?

The charm of the oceanside village is a big factor why so many live here and this blended with modern conveniences make it hard to resist.  It has grown to be a popular destination for retirees and is one of the world´s most popular places to retire. The low cost of quality living, friendly domestic staff, medical facilities, golf courses, yacht clubs, and numerous charities to keep one busy makes retired life a high-quality one.

Not just for the retirees, Puerto Vallarta is a melting pot offering activities for kids and adventure seekers. Nestled where the Sierra Madre meets the pacific, having the mountain and sea as your front and back yard offer year-round activities for all ages. There are numerous pre-kinder, primary, and high schools in the bay offering bilingual education offering a unique opportunity to diversify your children and show them a new culture.

Many move south of the border to have a change of pace. The Laidback lifestyle is enticing and while Puerto Vallarta offers modern conveniences and an upscale way of life, anything goes and fewer rules to follow make it very attractive.

A neighborhood for all tastes. Whether you want to live in the suburbs, in a village, on the coast, on the golf course, in a high-rise, small home in or live a grand lifestyle in a gated community, the Bay of Banderas offers dozens of areas to suit any income and lifestyle.

The cost of living is very reasonable in Puerto Vallarta. Real estate prices are stable, affordable rents are available, fresh produce can be found at giveaway prices and you will find that most everything is available.

Puerto Vallarta and the Bay of Banderas have an unusually low crime rate. As tourism is a main industry, there is a definite commitment from the Mexican government to ensure safety for all.

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By Nicole Martin of Timothy Real Estate Group

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