Requirements to become an AMPI Vallarta Affiliate (Agent)

Please send all these documents together to the AMPI chapter of your choosing:

AMPI Vallarta |
AMPI Nayarit |
AMPI Compostela |


1. Accredit that you are working as an agent for an AMPI Associate with a written proof letter.
2. Fill out the application for membership
3. Personal data
4. One small 4×4 black and white photos
5. 1 digital photo.
6. Official ID, (Passport or IFE).
7. Current Immigration Document, with authorization to work in real estate.
8. Copy of the RFC Cedula that states that you will be working in real estate.
9. Letter of recommendation from your sponsor.
10. Letter of no criminal record from the last place where you have lived for the past 5 years.
11. Letter of good standing from previous AMPI Associate/section if applicable.
12. Develop an article about why you want to belong to A.M.P.I.
13. Show a diploma for a Spanish course or take a proficiency exam (you will have 6 months to complete this requirement).


AFFILIATES OBTAINING AMPI MEMBERSHIP FOR THE FIRST TIME must comply with the following in order to obtain their AMPI credential and Flex password/access:

Mandatory to complete a minimum of 60 of the 96 hours in courses that are specific to real estate in the tourism zone, and institutionally recognized by Secretaría de Educación Pública (SEP) or are “Estandar de Competencia” (EC/Conocer certification / Standard of Competence certification) specifically:

14. Real Estate I (SEP)– Or comparable as above equal to 60 hours (Rafael Valdez: )
15. Flex Orientation Class (offered monthly in Spanish and English) (Alfonso Davalos: )
16. AMPI Ethics I workshop – Code of Ethics (Corporativo Nayaram: )
17. Uso de Suelo Class (When available)

As soon as available, and in a lapse of no later than 6 months of membership, the Affiliate must complete:

18. The 3 FLEX Basic Classes (one topic per month on rotating trimester basis).

Within 12 months of obtaining AMPI membership, must prove:

19. Completion of the remaining 36 hours of SEP or EC accreditation to maintain AMPI credential. The content, which may in fact exceed 96 hours but the listed course are a minimum education requirement for the knowledge base expected under the Vallarta-Riviera Nayarit-Compostela chapter professional objectives, must include:
20. Real Estate II (SEP) or comparable coursework as approved by AMPI chapters
21. The 4 FLEX Advanced classes


To RENEW the SECOND year of AMPI AFFILIATE membership all members need to prove their accreditation of the above.

Then, the affiliate shall continue with 25 hours of ongoing annual education credits (see separate page for list).



22. Vanessa will send you an email once she gets your file approved.

23. These documents will be required in original:

• Enrollment application
• Personal datasheet
• 1 Photo (The photo on the requirements)

24. Vanessa will send you the amount to pay and will cc the accountant, so they are aware of your payment
25. You now go to the bank to pay your dues
26. Once it is PAID, the accountant’s office will notify Vanessa
27. Vanessa will notify Marcela from FLEX so she can issue a username and password for the affiliate
28. Marcela will send an email with the info to the affiliate
29. Send find an agent format Information for our Web page to (format is in Flex Intranet)
30. New members are to take a basic real estate course / CONOCER within 6 months of enrollment.

31. Responsibilities as affiliates:

1. Attend at least 50% of AMPI meetings each yearly period.
2. 25 hours of education to be able to keep member status active.
3. Comply with Statutes and code of Ethics AMPI Vallarta and AMPI NATIONAL