It is the age of the hero In Puerto Vallarta

15 January, 2020
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Grab Your Cape!

Sometimes we do become bored in Puerto Vallarta, believe it or not. Sipping margaritas on the beach, ziplining through the jungle, diving off the Marietas; at times we seek diversion. It is the age of the hero, with Marvel Comic Book characters on movie screens, beach towels and t-shirts; they give us inspiration.

Volunteering in Puerto Vallarta could actually be a full time occupation. There is no shortage of need. Animal rescue is huge here and it is easy to start a conversation in any bar or venue about the abundance of cats and dogs. There is the Acopio, a  city-owned shelter where help is always welcome; walking dogs, bathing, grooming. The cat shelter, Purr Project is also looking for fur-friends to assist with simple veterinary needs and giving attention to their large cast of felines. Both require very little knowledge; just the willingness to pitch in. Neuter and spay clinics are always willing to teach visitors and residents alike about their efforts to keep the population down and invite anyone who wants to join the cause. It’s fascinating and educational. Fostering animals is always appreciated, too. Many are up for adoption or have already been chosen and awaiting flight to their future homes.

Orphanages never run out of things when company come calling. They love donations but make sure you’re bringing only gently used clothing when donating, and check with them first about food wishes. Puerto Vallarta has orphanages associated with churches for the most part and it’s good to have a connection when planning to pay a visit.

Pasito de Luz in Puerto Vallarta is a daycare center for children with special needs. They appreciate anyone who has experience but it’s not necessary. Mexican families drop their children off in the morning at this great facility where they can stay for a short time or several hours. Spanish isn’t necessary; all that’s required is an outpouring of love.

Tutors are a special breed of people and schools welcome those with skills who are able to assist students. Spanish isn’t always a requirement either, since the schools are bi-lingual. Check with the individual institutions and if you’re truly ambitious, post your services on one of the many Puerto Vallarta Facebook sites.

Turtle farms in and around Puerto Vallarta love to share their projects and there are never too many hands during migration time. Check Google for the most recent opportunities and we have found that simply talking to people in shops and bars is a great way to find out about prospects for volunteering and it’s a good way to meet new friends, too!

Que es cómo es.

 Thanks to our Guest Blogger Adam Garcia for this great article!

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