How To Leverage Technology To Close More Real Estate Sales

13 January, 2020
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As a real estate agent, you are a homebuyer’s #1 asset when it comes to navigating the housing market.

It’s important to remember, however, that today’s clients live in a world dominated by technology. Which means that you also need to stay on top of the most important tech tools.

Doing so helps you communicate with your customers using their preferred channels, impress them with your tech savvy, and outshine your lagging competitors. In other words, technology presents a huge opportunity for you to increase sales!

Leverage Technology To Close More Real Estate Sales

Lead generation – agent and broker websites

Websites play a huge role when it comes to your potential clients finding their next home, but it can be just as important for you when you’re trying to find your next client (and your next 100 clients!).

Whether you have your own site as an agent, or you have a presence on your broker’s site, your potential clients are more than likely looking for two things:

1) Access to listings information, and
2) The fastest and easiest way to contact you.

Even with repeat and referral customers, it’s not uncommon for them to search online before making contact with you — so it’s a major advantage for you to be present and ahead of the pack when they do.

Social media and online networking

Unfortunately, many Real Estate agents have expressed all sorts of negative emotions they associate with social media and online networking platforms, including discomfort, mistrust, and disinterest.

This is a real shame, since these mediums can be a gold mine for agents at all levels. All you need are the proper message and the right tactics, and social media networking can be a simple and effective way to get new clients consistently and reliably.

Networks like LinkedIn can be great for finding common ground with potential homebuyers, and enhancing your reputation through clients and colleagues you’ve previously done business with.

And social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are not only free to use, they’re also effective tools for promoting your business, as well as sparking interest for new listings.

Web applications

There are quite a few web apps that can help you boost real estate sales.

For example, there are several software programs that will help you get documents signed quickly online whenever necessary, including Authentisign, DocuSign, Zipforms and more.

When it comes to keeping information organized and handy, you’ll want to pay attention to mobile apps like Dropbox, Evernote, and e-Key. These can help you keep everything from your notes, important documents, brochures and even key codes at your fingertips when you’re on the go.

Online databases including local MLS, Realist,, Trulia and Zillow can also be great assets to agents and clients alike.

Today there’s even a web-app that can ensure you’re always spending your most valuable time with clients who are both serious and qualified: ScoreApprove.

In just 60 seconds, ScoreApprove assesses a buyer’s credit and financing capability using a soft credit pull that doesn’t damage their score. That means you’ll know their credit grade, as well as the maximum amount they’ll be able to finance on their new home, right from the start.

Best of all, ScoreApprove is completely free for both agents and homebuyers.

You can direct clients to ScoreApprove’s web-app by sending them a special link (which contains your own tracking code, so they’ll remain your exclusive client), or by guiding them through the process on your laptop or tablet. It’s that simple.

When it comes to leveraging technology to close more Real Estate sales, ScoreApprove is a true game changer.


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