How Often Should I Post to My Blog?

25 August, 2019

A couple of weeks ago we posted, and at least theoretically answered, the question, “How long should my blog posts be?

Today we tackle this question, which also comes into the “blogging how to” conversation every time: How often should I post to my blog?

Answer: As often as it takes.

OK, that’s somewhat lame and more than just somewhat unhelpful.

Answer: More is better.

Equally lame and unhelpful.

The problem is, there isn’t an answer that’s not lame. Or unhelpful. There really is no right answer to this question.

Oh sure, the “experts” will tell you things like, “You should post content every day!” or, “Content is king!”

And they’re right. Sort of.


Consistency is key

There are blogs out there that publish multiple times a day. You are not those blogs. They have a bevvy of writers and editors, you have … you. You are a real estate agent, not a journalist, copywriter or editor. As such you have limited resources — chiefly time — that prevent you from churning out multiple posts a day.

You don’t need to do that anyway.

What you need to do is be consistent. Humans are creatures of habit, and your readership will, over time, come to expect you to post certain types of articles at certain times. This isn’t to say that you need to publish your monthly market report on the third Tuesday of the month at 1:45 p.m. Rather if you’re going to post a “Monthly Market Report” then publish a monthly market report. Every month. Every single month.

Quality beats quantity

“Content is king” is a mantra that has been repeated often in the blog-space over the years. Sadly, it’s a mantra that has lead to an overwhelming quantity of pure dreck to be published. Too many out there are hitting the publish button simply for the sake of pushing “content.”

Quality matters. You are probably better off composing one quality piece of work a week than publishing anything just so you can check off the “publish content” box on your to-do list.

A well-researched article with your thought and opinion will resonate with readers better than some shoddy work thrown together at 11:30 p.m. just so you can “get something published today.”

Some tips …

Here are five tips to help you publish more consistently to your blog:

  1. Publish a series/regular column. Appeal to those creatures of habit out there. A regular series helps with consistency and gives readers something to expect. Try things like “Photo Friday,” “Monthly Market Reports” or “Tuesday’s Tips.”
  2. Use an editorial calendar. A calendar can help you organize your thoughts and structure your content. Here’s a terrific article on editorial calendars, Timing is Everything: Why You Need an Editorial Calendar.
  3. Mix it up. Blog posts don’t have to be just written text. Mix up your media. Your readers will enjoy the change, and mixed media frees you up to explore other ways of creating content. Try using videos and pictures in addition to, or in place of, more traditional written articles. 
  4. Take notes. Blog for long enough, and you’ll have ideas for blog posts that pop into your head at random times. Sometimes amazing ideas will come up that you will swiftly forget if you don’t make a note. Find yourself a note-taking app (my choice is Evernote), and jot down (or dictate) a note to yourself when that blog masterpiece idea pops into your head.
  5. Get help. If you can find just one or two people to occasionally create content for you, that’s a few times a month you won’t even need to worry about pushing new content. If you’re a real estate agent, find a lender, a title rep, an inspector or an attorney who is willing to publish content on your site. It’s good for them, it’s good for your readers, and it’s good for you.

The bottom line

Consistently publishing quality content, over time, is the key to success in real estate blogging. Rather than get sucked into the “content is king” trap, focus on content quality. It takes a conscious effort to create quality content, but it is an effort that can pay off in the end.

Source: Zillow

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