Do You Recycle In Puerto Vallarta?

25 September, 2019
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There is nothing quite like Mexican ingenuity for reclaiming items to use for some other than their original function. We have seen stoves turned into storage cabinets and hen roosts; plastic milk cartons (there are four sides!) applied to re-sole shoes; flower pots fashioned from just about any water-tight vessel imaginable. Sadly what we also see in Puerto Vallarta is a lot of trash, which makes our lovely city look poor in the eyes of newcomers.  We have discussed recycling in the past and there are now neighborhoods (colonias) who have set up their own bases for handling the bajillion plastic bottles, aluminum cans and other things that blemish the landscape. Separate bins can be found for the looking; we recommend taking responsibility and setting up your own, in your area.

A group calling themselves the Rubbish Rebels (Basura Rebelde) meets every Tuesday morning on the Rio Cuale and they invite anyone who wants to help pick up garbage to join them. It’s not as distasteful as it might sound. There is a lot of camaraderie and everyone has a great time, catching up on news, gossip and goings-on around town. It’s also a great feeling to participate in this fantastic community effort. People provide bags for refuse but anyone is welcome to bring whatever they would like to contribute. Gloves are also appreciated; surgical for protection and heavy gloves for things that need a little extra lifting power.

You may have noticed the garbage collectors in Puerto Vallarta doing their own form of recycling, which is another way we can help out. They affix bags on the sides of their trucks for glass, plastic and metal. As they pick up your garbage, they sort it in the back of the truck. Amazingly, we have watched them doing this while the truck is under way, forcing them to trot along behind, busy picking through your eggshells, banana peels and ham bones, separating organic from non, and tossing into the assigned receptacles. How much to they get accomplished doing this? We have no way of knowing but we can assure our readers that if they split their garbage into different bags from the get-go, it will certainly add towards making the collectors’ tasks easier, though no one has set forth any type of regulation for this.  The common sense of this system, made easy by cooperation, is a grand start.

Que es cómo es.

 Thanks to our Guest Blogger Adam Garcia for this great article!

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