Difference between Beach & Ocean front Property

19 October, 2019

Those looking for peaceful accommodation, vacation homes or planning to buy a property adjacent to the sea, terms like “beach and ocean front” are usually similar. However, that’s not always the case as meanings may alter depending on real estate, a particular room or hotel location. That’s why knowing the difference between two is important. With “ocean front”, it’s not necessary that a beach is nearby whereas lifestyle and status of dwellers are some other features.

Difference between Beach & Ocean front Property


In most cases, the word “beachfront” refers to a property having some sort of ocean view. It also has immediate and easy access to a sandy beach and nearby facilities. Additionally, you can simply step out of the house, hotel, villa or any other type of accommodation and walk directly onto the shore. It’s quite convenient for divers, surfers, sunbathers and all who crave a peaceful seclusion but that’s not always true. Depending on location, seashore may be crowded all day long especially on weekends so you can kick “privacy” goodbye.

Ocean front

With “ocean front”, property is directly along the coastline giving you panoramic views. But you won’t have direct access to the beach as house is built over a cliff or rocky stretch of the coast. Owner/renter enjoys total privacy since the place isn’t public and away from all the city commotion. A minor inconvenience is accessibility to grocery shops and other facilities that aren’t near! If you’re travelling to UAE in search of an ocean front home; approach one or more property management companies in Dubai. They have information on many types of real estate so you can easily choose from the list.

A few Examples & Exclusions

Both the terms and associated rules vary from a country to another. There’re hotels that describe themselves “oceanfront” but have direct access to the seaside whereas others are somewhere in between having combined features. Design and development also matters as what if the patio lies directly before shore but living rooms are away from it! Balconies located over a cliff gives you unobstructed and breathtaking view of the horizon, meeting with far stretched sea and city lights gleaming like stars in at night.

It’s your Call to Make

Do remember that hotels, real estate agencies and standalone homes may describe themselves beach or ocean front with varying terms. Only after knowing the difference can you identify both and always research property type before performing any transaction or finalize the deal! You can always ask representatives about the features and they’ll be happy to explain. Realizing the differences will help reduce unwanted surprises at the time of dealing or when moving in.

Value Benefits

Both properties, regardless of their diverse factors make superior investment, giving you the best return whether sell or lease. After economic relapse, these homes are the first to recover. Many developers realize the fact and initiate full-scale projects near seaside.

Investment Advantages

Asides permanent settlement, experts prefer keeping such homes for vacations exclusively. You’ll not only enjoy a hefty rent but it’s enough to cover the expense of your next travel to the place. Another great idea is to initiate a restaurant, small dine-in or cafe for minting more money.


Now that you know the difference between both, what’s your pick? Beach or ocean front!

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