Costalegre is projected as the main tourist destination in the Pacific

25 August, 2021
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With an investment of 62 million pesos, an airport is planned to be built in Costalegre, which will connect with the airports of Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo.

Recently, with the presentation of the Costalegre Regional Strategic Plan (PERC), businessmen and the government plan to convert this Jalisco destination as “the most important tourism, environmental and social development project in the Mexican Pacific.”

When presenting the PERC, and after announcing an investment of more than 2,400 million pesos to be exercised between now and 2024, Governor Enrique Alfaro highlighted that said document includes projects, actions and a work agenda “so that this place becomes a tourist destination of excellence ”.

The plan includes 16 initiatives and a portfolio of 35 projects, some already executed and others in process, for an amount of 1,495 million pesos, and in the next three years 910 million more investment, both public and private, will be added.

Chacalatepec’s airport

Alfaro Ramírez indicated that from 2022 the government and the Private Initiative will invest 62 million pesos in the completion of the Chalacatepec airport, as well as in the construction of a highway bypass to reduce the travel time between Puerto Vallarta and Chalacatepec by 45 minutes.

It is worth mentioning that at the beginning of the last state administration the intention of various luxury hotel chains was announced to settle in the Costalegre de Jalisco, among them, One and Only, Four Seasons and Louis Vuitton; But the attraction of investment to the region has been conditioned to the development of infrastructure that allows its connectivity with both Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo, Colima.

“What we can see is first-rate infrastructure, because what this infrastructure generates is an opportunity for development, the possibility of continuing to draw investment, the possibility of continuing to have a better future for everyone,” said Alfaro Ramírez.

The infrastructure project in the region includes the completion, this same year, of two new highways that will link the mountains with the coast; one of them is the Chamela-Villa Purificación-Autlán de Navarro highway, and the other, the Talpa de Allende-Llano Grande-Tomatlán highway.

“Thus, Costalegre will articulate the road infrastructure with the airport with the Puerto Vallarta airport, the Manzanillo airport in the southern part adjacent to Cihuatlán, and soon with the Chalacatepec airport, which will help tourism developments in this area. of Jalisco. Urbanization projects are being carried out, very important hotels are coming ”, commented the governor of Jalisco.

Among the projects to be developed in the region, there is also an industrial agro-park so that local agro-producers can market their production through the Costalegre brand.



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