Content Curation For a Real Estate Agent

15 October, 2019

Content marketing can offer significant advantages to a real estate agent. It offers an inexpensive way to build a brand, drive traffic to your website and increase the number of leads that come your way. But keeping up a steady stream of content for site visitors is also a lot of work. If you are like most agents, you probably have your hands full with your real estate work, and therefore a limited amount of time to spend writing original content.

These below are all great places where you can use to drive traffic back to your own blog site.

Content Curation For a Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Content Curation

This is why many website owners – not just real estate agents – also choose to curate content. Content curation involves finding content on other sites that you like, that works with the purpose of your site, and redistributing it on your own site. It is a great way to spread quality information, to stay relevant, and to draw additional visitors to your site. You can also add commentary to the content when you post it, allowing you to establish your own perspective on whatever information you present.

It is important to follow proper etiquette when curating original content from another site. You want to explain to your readers where the information came from, and avoid pulling the entire piece verbatim. Small-sized excerpts are fine, but copying an entire article can hurt your rankings on search engines and make your efforts look questionable to site visitors.

Good content curation means taking relevant information, and adding your own commentary or takeaway from the points being made. As long as you attribute the source and use it to make something worthwhile for your readers, you can expect the original creator to appreciate the increased exposure, and your readers to enjoy your perspective on new information.

Below you will see exactly what I mean as I show you some of the more popular content curation sites a Realtor can use.

Sites To Use For Content Curation

You can pull content from anywhere you want to, but some sites make it easier than others. Here are a few options that may work for you as a real estate agent:


Listly makes it very easy for you to curate any content you want, and includes tools to make the whole process easier. As the name implies, it is great for making lists because it allows you to paste in numerous sources with just the URL. Listly gathers all of the relevant information, like associated images and text, and keeps it all organized for both you and your readers.

Listly works well with Google, organizing your curated content in such a way that it is easy for the search engine to index it. The platform is user-friendly, making it fairly easy to start curating content even if you are new to the process. It also makes dealing with larger lists much easier, because you can sort the information you have according to tags you assign. People love posts with lists! There are endless possibilities for using Listly when it comes to real estate. Another good example would be making a list of ten great articles with tips on selling a home in the winter.


Storify is another interesting option for curation, one that allows you to pull information from all major social media channels. One of the company founders was a journalist, and wanted to create a better way to use social media posts to contribute to news stories.

Storify taps into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Flickr and more. You search for a term, and the site brings back posts that are relevant to that term. The coolest part is how you can use those search results. The Storify platform lets you pull and drop posts, including images and video, to create a story, where you can ad commentary as you like.

You can get quite creative with this, and develop curated content that is unlike anything anyone else has.


Rebelmouse is another popular tool used by content curators. You can create an account on Rebelmouse, which you can then use to build a profile related to your real estate business. You tell Rebelmouse what information you want it to bring to you, and the site will pull in a range of relevant social media and web content.

Rebelmouse offers a full-featured platform, one that could possibly compete with more popular options like WordPress. It lets you write, easily pull images, GIFs and videos, and find social media posts related to your work. This should make it faster to curate content from a wide range of sources. is a probably one of my favorite content marketing platforms because of it’s ease of use. Essentially all you do with is copy and past the URL of the article you want to share. will populate your page with all the information including the title of the article, meta description and graphic used in the original article.

What you do however is what is most important! Good content curation includes changing a few things including the title to the post and most importantly adding your take on the article. Maybe you have a different opinion or something else you would like to add? The value you add is where it becomes worthwhile.


Tumblr may be known for its wild side, but it is also a great source for content curation. Everything posted to Tumblr is tagged, which makes it fairly easy to find text and images related to what you are searching for. You can also create your own Tumblr account, where you post information and images related to your real estate business. The more active you are on the site, and the more people you start following that post content of interest to you, the more you will find possible content to curate.

Comprehensive Content Curation

All of the above options work great on their own, but the best content curators use more than one source for their work. Some sites are aware of this, and will allow you to add multiple sources into one account. Storify, for instance, will let you add a Rebelmouse account to your list of options you can use for creating a story. This makes the possible sources, and combinations, extremely diverse. Producing quality, original content is a must if you want to market your real estate site effectively. But content curation offers a great way to add to the value of your site, and it may give you some ideas for original content of your own as well.

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