Can Dogs Fly To Puerto Vallarta

11 November, 2019

Yes! And cats can, too! We are, of course, referring to traveling with Fido and Fifi, though it would be fun to see them turning them into Super-Pets and we know they are all Earth Angels. Questions about flying on planes with pets abound; we will address some of them here.

The most important thing you’ll need to cart your pet back and forth across the Mexico/USA border is an International Certificate of Good Health that has been signed by a certified veterinarian. You will also need Proof of Vaccination and quite often this information is located somewhere on this document or it may be a separate piece of paper. Dogs visiting Puerto Vallarta will need rabies and distemper shots and cats require only rabies but it is imperative one checks the timing against the travel date.

We have been asked about pigs, chickens, ferrets and rabbits. Not everyone finds canines and felines as appealing companions and we do like to celebrate the differences. However, bringing unusual pets into Mexico can be a sticky situation at best and sometimes completely prohibitive. The place to check is the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service website. To take a chance with our precious friends is foolish; one security guard might be willing to turn an eye but we always assume we will find ourselves under the scrutiny of the fickle inspector. Birds, of any type, must be examined, approved and documented.

Proper crates are necessary and if one’s pet is small enough to fit under the forward seat, a soft container will be required, something that can be brought into the passenger cabin. Few airlines will allow animals to be transported in cargo during the summer months for fear of suffocation in the heat so checking with one’s airline before booking is highly recommended. Bowls for water and food must be provided, regardless of the length of the journey.

Veterinarians are plentiful and extremely reasonable in Puerto Vallarta. Pets, being extended family members, should be afforded the same luxury of a restful and pleasant vacation, as much as their human counterparts. Traveling, however, with small puppies and kittens, babies of any species, should be measured with a certain

degree of caution and care. Any pet that appears to be under the age of three months will not be allowed into the country, nor will it be of proper age to have received its vaccinations.

Bringing cats and dogs back to the US and Canada is relatively simple, following the above instructions, in reverse. Many local organizations are helpful and willing to assist in adoption procedures, as well as advising on proper steps for travel. The SPCA PV in Puerto Vallarta is well known and respected for their efforts to maintain population control and quality of life for local mascots.

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 Thanks to our Guest Blogger Adam Garcia for this great article!

Harriet Cochran Murray, Director of Cochran Real Estate, is a seasoned Real Estate professional both here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and in the United States. Harriet has served in many capacities as a board member and President for the local Real Estate Association AMPI (AMPI is the national association of real estate professionals). She is also a member of FIABCI and NAR in the United States. Harriet’s expertise and experience in the Real Estate and especially in the Mexican market makes her Viewpoint blog articles both informational and intriguing. Harriet is a Buyer’s Agent who specializes in getting the best deal on the right property for her clients.

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