Buying a Second Home in Bahia de Banderas

16 March, 2021
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Now more than ever, the idea of owning a second home “in the Bay” is a very viable proposition. In fact, being a homeowner here in Vallarta-Nayarit is now almost a foregone conclusion for many.

Longstanding reasons for this include:

  • The fantastic weather, where we get to comfortably “go play outside” most of the year.
  • The warm and wonderful people (locals and ex-pats).
  • Recreational amenities galore, including golf, boating, cultural events, live music, and world-class visual and culinary arts.
  • A centrally located international airport with direct flights to many cities.

Of course, all these are reasons enough to spend your vacation on our Bay. Increasingly though, after a time or two visiting, many folks consider making the Bay their second home.

As a “Second Homer” here, you’ll find:

  • A wide selection of housing, from modest digs to palatial abodes, in many distinct neighborhoods, from rustic to regal.
  • A low cost of living- property taxes, health care, basic staple items, entertainment, etc.
  • An established ExPat community, numbering in the many thousands, who are ready, willing, and able to help make your transition easy.
  • Many of the “familiar comforts” of home with brands like Costco, HomeDepot, Walmart, Starbucks, McDonald’s’s and Carl’s Jr in sufficient supply (though truly, the Bay has so much more to offer and we encourage you to sample the world-class local options).
  • Connectivity and bandwidth on a first world scale, with fiber-optic lines in place or in process in most parts of the Bay.
  • Home prices that compared to equivalent homes in urban North America are very low.
  • An example of retired “Second Homers”  include Dave and Fiona, who downsized from urban Vancouver, built a dream home in a smaller community a few hours away, and purchased a condo by the sea in nearby La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. Now they spend around half their time here, and the other half up north or traveling.

These elements have been in place in the area for years; they continue to grow in abundance and range. Recently, however, local, regional, and international events and trends make having a home here an even more logical choice.  Many are now living on the Bay as their principal home, retaining a condo or an RV or a liveaboard boat up north, and having their main home here, for these reasons and more:

  • The international airport continues to grow with additional gates and terminal space. Direct flights abound.  Occasional visits to the home office or to sit down with key clients and colleagues can be accomplished in a short “junket”
  • The city of Guadalajara, a 500-plus-year-old colonial treasure, (while at the same time a hub of high-tech and global commerce) is about to be a mere 2 ½  hour drive from the Bay,  The much anticipated “Autopista”, Highway 65D is scheduled to open in late 2021. This metropolis, with a population of approximately 5 million, is Mexico’s “Second City”, and offers the best of Mexico in almost all respects.  En route, you will find a spectacular landscape of extinct volcanoes, high sierra, lovely colonial towns (like Tequila, the birthplace of Mexico’s national elixir), and ancient pyramids and petroglyphs. While it would be a stretch to call Puerto Vallarta a bedroom community to GDL, as we abbreviate it, the two will certainly become satellite or sister cities.
  • The global pandemic, while certainly a serious event, has had the perhaps unexpected benefit of opening our eyes to opportunity. To paraphrase the Economist Magazine,” the ability to live and work anywhere has been accelerated”.  As a result of technological developments, the Bay is becoming more than just a second home for many.
  • An example of full-timers (there are many) are Colorado native Greg and Jennifer and their son Christopher- he, a medical practitioner, and she an online consultant, and their son a college student- with the magic of Zoom and other technological marvels, they have pulled up stakes and made a massive “lifestyle upgrade”.


We at AMPI are here to help you make the right decision and find the right home. 

We are the local professionals, here to safely guide you through all the steps involved.

  • Understanding and clarifying your needs- the type of home, the neighborhood, the preferred ownership structure, etc.
  • Guide you and protect you. We will help you distinguish between the wide variety of purchase options, whether newly built, preconstruction or resale.
  • Through our extensive multiple listing service, present options, and conduct showings.
  • Represent you ethically and professionally through the offer, negotiations, closing procedure, and delivery of legal possession of your new home.


At AMPI, we are honored to serve you. Contact an AMPI agent and together, let’s find your place in the sun!


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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of AMPI Puerto Vallarta, Nayarit & Compostela.




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