14 October, 2014

When my mom started Mickie Ardi & Assoc. in 1978, the world of real estate was vastly different than it is today. She built her business on personal face to face client relationships, and to this day she continues to hold those same values. Mickie became a prominent figure in and around the San Fernando Valley with both clients and other real estate professionals. Our office was consistently flooded with business. However, within the last few years there has been…

11 January, 2014

In a challenging situation fraught with consequences for the wrong decision, if there is uncertainty, seeking wise counsel is prudent. Only a fool goes it alone in these times. Many times for us to be successful we need help from others. There are problems in the world that we are not good enough to solve. Who do you go to when times are challenging? Who has good words of counsel when you need it? Who can you count on to…

07 December, 2013

Quite often potential would be buyers refer to the person they bought their home from as their agent. It sounds reasonable but it is definitely not accurate. Although there are several meanings to the word Agent, let us refer to the definition as a person who works for or manages an agency. An example of this would be a person who is the agent of the insurance company and they legally represent the company, not the customer. Even an independent…

18 November, 2013

I reject the idea that younger people can earn a living as real estate agents just because they are “tech-savvy,” and that this somehow gives them an advantage that enables them to compete with more experienced agents. I believe that there is plenty of business for agents young and old, and that we should encourage young people to join our profession. But we might be going about it all wrong. The Internet has been around for more than 30 years.…

18 July, 2013

At last year’s Real Estate Connect, conference emcees Katie Lance and Chris Smith from Inman News revealed key findings from a recent study on what agents earning $100K+ want, how they work and what they spend their time and money on. Where are the agents of tomorrow generating the most income? The Top 5 1. Their Past Clients/Referrals 2. Their Website 3. Their Social Media Presence 4. Their Lawn Signs 5. Their Search Engine Efforts Also, 98% of $100K earners…

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