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(322) 105-1151
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About William Hevener

Originally from Greenwich, CT, Bill has a Master’s degree in social work psychotherapy and practiced in Boston and surrounding areas before retiring and moving to Puerto Vallarta in 2005.

He is very excited to return to Real Estate and work with Cochran Real Estate as a listing agent and is ready to provide professional service to achieve the sellers’ goals.

After three years in the field with Ron Morgan Properties, Bill gained expertise in helping long term residents of Puerto Vallarta sell their properties in a timely manner at the greatest profit.

Bill has lived in Puerto Vallarta for fourteen years. He is married to Raul Duran and has Raul’s nephew Zuri in their care. Raul and Bill started BuenFlex Clothing and RK Supplement nine years ago. Bill is also a foundering member of ACT LGBT A.C. and Vallarta Pride.


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