Joshua Rappaport

About Joshua Rappaport

Biography in English

Joshua Rappaport has been actively working
in the real estate industry in Puerto Vallarta since 2006.  Joshua moved to Puerto Vallarta full-time in 2003, from Toronto Canada. Puerto Vallarta has been Joshua´s home for almost all his adult life, and as such, he is very familiar with the many neighborhoods
that make up this great city. Joshua speaks both English and Spanish and holds
both Canadian and Mexican passports.

Joshua started his career in the real estate industry in Puerto Vallarta in 2006. In 2011, he founded Cross Border Investment (CBI).  CBI provides mortgage and closing coordination services.  Joshua continues his role as General Director of CBI.


Joshua has extensive experience working in the financial and legal aspects of purchasing property in Mexico. He has been involved in thousands of transactions and knows the fine points, ensuring your best interests are protected. Those who have worked with Joshua, know that his attention to detail cannot be beat.

Joshua´s unique skill set both allows him to find you the property you have been looking for, as well as guide you through the closing process. Joshua is very proud to be part of one of Puerto Vallarta´s most prestigious real estate agencies, The Timothy Real Estate Group.