Gerald Lee Ray

About Gerry Ray

Biography in English

I am originally from the US, but Puerto Vallarta has been my full-time home since 2014. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems and worked as a computer programmer, data analyst, and database designer for 25 years. Early in my IT career, I also became a licensed real estate agent and purchased and flipped properties as a side hustle until real estate ultimately became a full-time endeavor for the 5 years prior to moving to Puerto Vallarta.

I have a passion for details, a love for real estate, and a drive to understand how things work. Those passions combined with my technical, business, and real estate backgrounds have given me extensive hands-on experience in real estate and construction as well as solid business and project management skills.

Here in Puerto Vallarta I am continually adding to my real estate, contract law, and tax knowledge in order to ensure smooth and informed sale and purchase experiences. I have a very no-nonsense approach, I am continually learning the latest about the Puerto Vallarta market, and I always make listening a priority in order to better understand and deliver what my clients are looking for. I am committed to offering superior customer service with integrity, ethics, and professionalism.