Ampi Vallarta Board 2014-2016

02 January, 2020

Ampi Vallarta Board 2014-2016

Oversight of AV business including educational classes, managing monthly general meetings, special projects and relationships with other local chapters: Nayarit and Compostela, and AMPI National. Board meets first Monday of each month.

  • Presidents sets strategy and does overall managing, presides over meetings.
  • Vice President handles communication with the AV and Compostela pubic website to promote the brand of AMPI and our local chapters.
  • Treasurer: budget, special project expenses, monitoring payments to our MLS vendor, projects as needed.
  • Secretary: minutes of general and board meetings, keeping track of membership and passed motions when members vote.
  • Vocale: serves on the board to being back feedback and suggestions/ comments, requests of the members.
  • Membership: serves to organized, conduct and receive feedback from educational meetings and presentations for continuing education of the members to be their most professional, proficient, ethical and competent.
  • President – Harriet C. Murray
  • Vice President – Carl Timothy
  • Treasurer – Edward Padalinski
  • Secretary – Rafael Becerril
  • Membership and Education – Salvador Zuniga
  • Membership and Vocal – Ron Morgan

Current Honors & Justice Committee

Honor and Justice Committee is appointed by the current board and consists of Associate members who are fluent in reading, speaking and writing Spanish in addition to their primary language if they are bilingual. They meet upon receipt of a written complaint with accompanying evidence against a member of the chapter (Associate or Affiliate). They follow a procedure established by AMPI National to hear both sides and come to conclusions to enforce sanctions or dismiss the complaint. AMPI members who do not agree with the local H and J decisions, may appeal to the national AMPI H and J committee. Amp member agree as part of their membership in this private organization, to be under the rules of sanctions their group. When parties to a complaint become engaged in legal actions against each other, the H and J committee cannot make decisions and must defer to the higher authority. Committee meets when needed.

  • Carl Timothy
  • David Pullen
  • Rafael Becerril
  • Xiomara Millan
  • Moray Applegate
  • Rodrigo Saracho

Current Flex MLS Committee

MLS Service and Compliance Committee: Meets every other Wed of the week. Committee is made up of members in all three participating chapters Tasks are to oversee the AMPI Flex MLS system for compliance and customer service to its members.

Help Desk is administered by a full time assistant and the committee itself oversees Administration with its vendor FBS. AMPI chapters here have a public website and individual members share the database on their individual sites. AMPI Vallarta, Nayarita and Compostela are proud to promote the brand of AMPI and their inventory of properties for sale.

  • Carl Timothy
  • Edward Padalinski
  • Fred R. Ayotte
  • Harriet Murray
  • Kim Moore
  • Marilyn Newman
  • Saul Groman


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