27 October, 2019
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First Quarter 2014

It has taken 4 years since AMPI boards of the three chapters in the Bay: AMPI Vallarta, Compostela, Nayarit began negotiations to find a vendor for a genuine MLS data base. It has taken a great deal of work and commitment by many members to get to where we are today. We continue to set goals to improve our data and raise professional and competence level of each AMPI member.

The completeness and accuracy of our database of listings and sales is the core of our professional knowledge to understanding the real estate market. We and our clients are empowered to make informed decisions on bringing a property to the public with legal backup, as well as, using realistic pricing. We strive to understand what is selling and what is not and why.

Our data enables us to be in charge of our own business and this is a good thing. The back-side of the AMPI MLS database gives agent members statistics of the history of a listing and the outcome. The marketing face to the public includes more detail and accuracy as a requirement for acceptance of the listing into the AMPI Flex MLS.

best of the best

Here are the results for our first recognition of Top AMPI Members and Agencies for listing and selling our inventory in the Bay of Banderas:

2013 – AMPI Flex MLS Statistics

$2,500,000 to $25,000,000USD

Volume Ranking for Declared Sold Properties

  Listing AMPI Member Closed Sales Selling AMPI Member Closed Sales Listing or Selling AMPI Agency – Closed Sales
1 Carl Timothy Alfred Bonin Timothy Real Estate Group
2 Alfred Bonin Claudio Leone Tropicasa Realty
3 Wayne Franklin Oscar Izurieta Domus Fine Real Estate
4 Claudio Leone Sarah Elengorn Applegate Realtors
5 Oscar Izurieta Pedro Robin Prudential Ca. Realty Vallarta Div.
6 Taniel Chemsian Fred Ayotte Punta Mita Properties
7 Araceli Rios Robert Ouellette Pacific Boutique Props.
8 Marcel Vobejda Jeffery Bates Coldwell Banker La Costa
9 Maca MacMorran Michael Murphy Ron Morgan Properties
10 Sarah Elengorn Wayne Franklin Maca & Co.
11 Victoria Pratt Rodrigo Saracho Beach Bay Properties
12 Carlos Osuna Taniel Chemsian Global Real Estate Vallarta
13 Fred Ayotte Araceli Rios Lloyd Real Estate
14 Robert Bertrand Guadalupe Vazquez Cochran Real Estate
15 Pedro Robin Manuel Flores Costa Dorada Realty
16 Jeffrey Bates Catherine Martin La Punta Realty
17 Russell Faulkner Harriet Murray Royal Club Real Estate
18 Donna Davies Carlos Osuna Mi Buena Estrella
19 Fred Feibel Victoria Pratt Luxury Beach
20 Michael Murphy Russell Faulkner Vallarta Sunset


2014 – First Quarter Jan-March

  Selling AMPI Member – Closed Sales Listing AMPI Member – Closed Sales
1 Jonathan Smart Kristi Hall Ayala
2 Oscar Izurieta Jonathan Smart
3 Wayne Franklin Wayne Franklin
4 Saul Groman Saul Groman
5 Oscar Izurieta Taniel Chemsian
6 Marcel Vobejda Alfredo Bonnin
7 Robert Bertrand Carl Timothy
8 Manuel Flores Manuel Flores
9 Matthieu Ouellette Deborah Elkins
10 Jeff Bates Robert Bertrand
11 Moray Applegate Matthieu Ouellette
12 Michael Green Claudia Gallegos
13 Pedro Robin Yumiko Takinami-Dilday
14 Joseph Antonelli Jeff Bates
15 Kim Moore Taniel Chemsian
16 Marc Serrao Sherri Narro
17 Paty Razumoff Paty Razumoff
18 Sarah Elengorn Paul Monty
19 Michael Murphy Michael Green
20 Paul Monty Michael Murphy


This article is based upon data in the AMPI Flex MLS provided by its members.

Harriet C. Murray

Why Use AMPI?

AMPI is the national association of real estate professionals that have, since 1956, gathered under laws and codes of ethics and conduct to create a reliable, trustworthy an efficient real estate environment in Mexico.

AMPI consists of separate autonomous sections all throughout the nation, as well as more than 4,000 associates and affiliates. Each section is independent and has its own board of directors, only surpassed by a national board of directors comprised of twenty associates from all over the republic.

Developed over the years with the input and knowledge of its members, AMPI is much more than just a collection of offices. AMPI has been a solid and recognized institution in Mexico for the past 27 years. It was originally established in 1956 and was consolidated in 1980. AMPI is currently represented in all the principle cities and regions of Mexico stretching from Tijuana to Cancun.

The Riviera Nayarita, Vallarta and Compostela chapters of AMPI are dedicated to promote the best practices in real estate by providing its members with education to reinforce the standards of ethics that give our industry the credibility which our clients deserve.

AMPI is committed to giving our membership access to a multiple listing service that forms the platform from which our industry can expand locally and into other markets while giving our members precise and up to date information that is vital to continuous improvement and growth.

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