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23 October, 2018

We all have different needs and ways we use and invest our time. One of the most valuable personal discovery journeys is learning and knowing the rhythm of our work. In coaching, one of my goals in working with a client is to track and monitor the rhythm of our work and effectiveness quotient. How long and how hard can we work without a decrease in focus, intensity and results?

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I have discovered that most professionals work too long a span of time in both daily hours as well as weeks consecutively without a break.

  • How many hours can you work at a high level each day?
  • How many weeks can you work at high intensity without a break?
  • How long a break do you need to come back focused and intense?
  • Do you find yourself frequently tired and lethargic at work? I discovered this about myself about ten years ago as I observed my prospecting numbers and ratios in dials to contacts, contacts to leads, leads to appointments, and appointments to sales. When I reviewed my numbers over an extended period of six months I recognized that after about nine weeks my actual effort of numbers in dials and contacts reduced. Also my skill numbers in lead generation and conversion lowered with the obvious reduction in effort. They also drop because of my drop in focus, intensity and what I determined was willingness to go to the wall to make a sale.The dual drop of numbers and conversion dramatically affect my results and earnings. I realized the best course of action rather than “gutting it out” was to get out. I need to take time off to recharge, refresh, and energize myself so I began the nine week cycle anew.

    I also learned I didn’t need a week’s vacation to be renewed. I needed a mini break of four days. The two extra days added to a normal weekend was enough for me to restart my nine week intensity cycle. The two days not working was far better than limping along another few weeks with half a brain and at half speed.

    I have validated this discovery with thousands of other professionals in coaching them to higher levels of success. We all possess a rhythm that most of us haven’t discovered yet because we aren’t looking for it. The rhythm will vary from person to person. It will also vary by job description and responsibility. It can be influenced by stress levels at work as well as home. The question isn’t do you have a rhythm; the question is what is it?

    When I learned it I set my work schedule by it. I adhered to the nine weeks, only deviating periodically a week on either side if I had to. I, to this day, literally lay out my whole year in advance with the rhythm mapped out. As I have aged, a change has happened as well. When I first discovered this I was in my 30’s. I am in my 30’s no longer. My amount of energy has diminished that I can invest in work. My family life has changed with my son Wesley and daughter Annabelle as part of life’s equation now. My rhythm of work has reduced from nine weeks to eight. I will have to assume as I get older it will reach seven weeks. The recharge number is still four days. In the end it’s not about me, it’s about you.

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