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25 November, 2019
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Historically, in the real estate industry, the work of public relations has mostly been pursued by the corporate offices of big brands. Agents and smaller office groups usually don’t put a strategic focus on this important facet of branding for many reasons. It could be a cost issue, a manpower issue or a lack of understanding about just why public relations efforts are important.

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Working on your own public relations efforts are part of an overall personal branding strategy and it’s a crucial piece of the puzzle. Did you know that Barbara Corcoran credits her success to her relentless PR efforts? She used the power of public relations to compete against giants like Trump and sold her company for $70 Million dollars. Success in this area is not outside of your reach.

Ensuring that your name is synonymous with real estate knowledge and community support is paramount to creating a brand that is seen in a favorable light. Ultimately, if done correctly, long term public relations efforts will set the stage for an endless stream of business.

The keys to being successful in your public relations efforts depend on two things: consistency and relationships. You must be consistent in your quest to get your name out there. You can’t make an initial attempt and then forget about this important focus when you get busy. Forging relationships with targeted media outlets is an important step in the process. Building relationships takes effort and as such will take time to cultivate.

With this in mind, here are some tips to get started:

1 – Identify the media outlets you wish to be highlighted in. Identify both local outlets, like your local newspaper including online newspapers and also identify real estate industry focused outlets. Getting quoted in a story in your local paper will show the people in the area you serve that you are a valuable source of information. Getting quoted in a story that is published in an industry outlet, like Inman news, creates credibility on a larger scale. The larger the audience of the outlet, the more credible you become. Think about it – the impact of being quoted on Channel 5 news is more impactful than a quote in a story. Getting your name associated with a story on a highly trafficked industry related site will not only give you credibility but will get your name in front of agents countrywide, which can lead to referrals!

2 – Start reaching out to the publishers, editors and reporters of the outlets you have identified. Don’t just introduce yourself but tell them why you are a great source for any real estate related information. Once a month send a personalized email with some tidbits they might find interesting, or story ideas. Even if you don’t hear back right away, keep it up! It takes time and fortitude to make these relationships solid, so be consistent. Remember that while the goal is to get your name attached to a local story about real estate, you have to get there by giving these contacts relevant information that will make their job easier.

3 – Get involved in your community! Many agents do things all of the time that contribute to the wellness of their communities but often times don’t tell anyone about it. Write a press release about a cause that you are involved in. The release doesn’t have to be about you, it can be about the cause with a quote from you interspersed. You’ll get your name out there subtly through showing your involvement with the cause. If you’ve done a good job of getting the names of the editors and reporters of your local outlets, you’ll have a great list to send the press release to.

These tips are a great starting point in harnessing the power of public relations to build your brand. Know that many regional and national reporters scour local outlets to uncover news and good sources, so over time, and as a result of your consistent efforts, you may be fielding calls from reporters all over the place asking for your input and advice on real estate related stories. Good Luck!

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